Tis the season to dress the kids up and PRAY they get through the important holiday party without any incident!

So I am bracing myself for this is sure to be an eventful weekend. You will defiantly want to tune in on Monday to see how it goes. The reason… we will be attending a special Holiday Celebration this weekend at The Vice President of the United States house!  The whole family… meaning kids too. Last year was the first time we went and I have to say, it was something. I almost had a heart attack when Jay wandered away from us and when I finally figured out where he went, I saw him tapping VP Biden on the shoulder and telling him how great the cookies were and thanking him for the invite to his house. The VP just laughed, shook his hand, commented about how sharp his tie was and told the people around him that MY BOY WAS GOING PLACES. I was able to snap a shot as it happened.  The end result was this great picture here… I love his smile! Too sweet! he was so very proud and to this day he tells people, “The Vice President of the United States says I am going places. He recognizes genius when he sees it!” God I love my kid. On another note, I am just so thankful that the suit still fits him. Yes he will be wearing it again… of course he will be barefoot if I don’t find him shoes today! LOL

Anyway, little girl got in on the fun too. Grace actually asked the VP to pose with her Flat Stanley and guess what…HE DID!!! This year she is planning on bringing Brownie Bear the mascot of her Girl Scout Troop. It just so happens to be her week to take him home. Talk about an interesting journal entry she will have.She will also be wearing a very special outfit. The wonderful people from  sent the cutest sweater dress with matching tights for her to wear. I love it! I cannot wait to see her all dressed up in it!

So as you can see it was an eventful time last year. We managed to make it through the VERY LONG line to get our formal family picture and the entire reception afterwards without any meltdowns. Will we be able to have a repeat successful performance this year? Stay tuned and please keep those fingers crossed!

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