Just when you least expect it, your Kid will just surprise the you know what out of you. In a GOOD WAY!

Yesterday I wrote a post basically asking the man upstairs to give me patience and watch out for my son and I as we went on the 5th grade field trip to the museum. Well I am happy to report that it was a great day!

No GREAT is not the word… it was beyond anything I expected. Jay’s teacher is brilliant. She gave me the perfect group. You see, each parent was grouped with 6 kids. In my group I know for fact that at least 4 of the kids had some special needs. I was honored that the teacher thought I could handle them all. The other two kids were just really laid back and sweet. All the kids were great. We all had a wonderful time.

We took our time and I made sure that each child was able to see the thing that meant the most to them. That was not easy though. When one child’s interest is bugs and the others kids can care less… well lets just say it took a lot of creative wheeling and dealing to get the others to join in without whining and complaining. Monty Hall would have been impressed.

It was endearing and a little bit humbling honestly to be with these kids. Each  their own unique person with their own abilities and challenges being the regular kids that they all are. And the kid whom I cared the most about, my Jay had fun. In fact, he wrapped his arms around me as I put him to bed and thanked me for going. I am not sure which meant more to me… the physical contact or him expressing himself in words and actually appreciating another person’s effort. I guess both.

Days like today fill me with hope. Not just for my own boy but for all our kids. They will get it people. I promise you. In their own time and in their own way… but they will get it!

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