The Mall WITHOUT a Meltdown- A True Christmas Miracle

I know I know I was supposed to have blogged sooner finishing the other post… but well LIFE kinda got in the way and you know how that goes. Besides I have a HAPPY and quite humorous tale to share with you. Much better than me whining on and on about IEP meetings and the such.

Hubby was out-of-town this weekend so I decided it would be the perfect chance to head to the mall, before it got even more busy than it was, and do some shopping for well… Hubby’s gift. I had gotten a coupon in the mail for a free Build a Bear and told the kids that we could go there too. Grace was on board for the trip. I bribed Jay by telling him he could make a Yeti (The abominable snowman really but he prefers to call him Yeti) for himself, I would buy him a treat to eat and that he could bring his favorite comic book. It worked and he willing and even happily I might add climbed into the car.

So there we were at the mall. We were walking around, aimlessly really when Jay came up with a BRILLIANT idea as to what we could get dear old dad. I can’t say what it is as sometimes the hubby actually reads this post! (I LOVE YOU DEAR) Jay took such pride in choosing just the right thing until he saw how much it was. I knew how badly he wanted to get this gift and that my hubby would in deed enjoy it so of course I told him that I would pay for the rest of it.

So while we are standing in line to pay, Grace starts talking about how now we have Daddy’s gift but what about Mommy. “What do you want for Christmas mommy?” she asked sweetly. I of course gave the old faithful MOM response, “I just want nice children who don’t whine.” And as if this was something they practiced, at the same time both my darling children said…

“Yeah like that is ever going to happen!”

There was not one person in the store who did not laugh at that one… except of course me! Okay I laughed too… it was really funny.

But here is the thing… I did get what I asked for. After finally being able to pay for our gift (It took the salesman awhile to stop laughing at me) I got the kids some gooey hot cinnamon rolls, we went to Build a Bear and well-built some bears and were on our way out of the mall when I spotted a red and black dress at Macy’s that was on sale for 50% off and that I knew would be perfect for the very special Holiday Party we will be attending on Sunday.

By this time we had been at the mall for 2 hours and it had been an excellent trip. Not one complaint, meltdown or anything. I knew I was pushing my luck but the dress was 50% off people! So I asked the kids if they would mind if I tried it on , okay I whined a bit myself and perhaps through in a “PRETTY PLEASE” too.

Grace started huffing and puffing and was about to start complaining when Jay stopped her in her tracks. “Look at all the nice things mom has done for us today. Let her try on the dress.” I was floored! This was the boy who usually cannot get out of a mall quick enough and he was willing to not only let me try on this dress but put up with having to sit in the waiting area while I did it.

So I got my Christmas present after all. They behaved and not one whine or complaint while they sat there either! AND I BOUGHT THE DRESS!!!

There is a Santa Claus Virginia!

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