52 Card Pickup Crazy Catch Up Post – Part One

My big brother loved to pull pranks on me when we were growing up. One of his favorite jokes was the time he shuffled a deck of cards in front of me, enticing me, wheeling me in. Then he asked if I wanted to play, of course I said yes. Suddenly he tossed the cards into the air forcing all 52 of them to spill to the ground in a heap of a mess. He then announced that the game I agreed to play was called 52 card pickup and that I was supposed to pick them all up. And me being the good girl I was, obliged.

I am not sure what brought that image to mind, perhaps spending time with my family over the holidays? Whatever the reason, I can’t help but think that some how the joke game 52 card pickup is an analogy for my life these days. It’s not that things have been bad, they really haven’t. Nope, they are just scattered all round and I am having a hard time picking up all the cards without other ones dropping out of my hands. And I have rather large hands for a woman too!

There are so many things I want to do, so many things I want to write and share with you all… but damn if those cards don’t keep popping up. Just when I think I picked up the last one, there behind the couch is a missing 8 mocking me. Damn that 8.

It’s been so long since my last REAL blog and soooo much has happened that I decided to do a 52 Card Pickup version blog to fill you all in. Put don’t worry… all you have to do is read it. I will even break it up into several posts as I know you have your own deck of cards to pick up.

1. Our 19 hour ride back home from Miami was PUKE free until the last 10 minutes when the dog decided to change all that.

2. I some how actually managed to catch the dog’s puke in a plastic bag which was on my hand. Not sure how I did it but my husband said he was more impressed with that feat then he was of the fact that I pushed both our babies out without any drugs!

3. I do believe that our clothes some how multiplied while we were driving home, because I certainly don’t remeber packing all that crap.

4. Confession… we have been home for 6 days and I still have not unpacked the kids suitcase yet. (I know how bad is that?)

5. If we can invent phones that allow you to see people, put people into space and cars that drive on electricity… why can’t someone invent clothes that can wash themselves? Still doing laundry….. ugghhh!

6. The same day we arrived back, we repacked everyone into the car and like crazy people went to the grocery store because Mother Hubbard Cupboards were BARE! Not even a Bone for the pooch.

7. Grocery store + 2 cranky kids who just were sitting in a car for 19 hours = MELTDOWN!!! Mine not theirs!

8. Moving furniture around to make room for a Christmas tree creates a LOT OF CHANGE!

9. Change = Anxiety for Jay

10. When Jay is anxious… everyone feels it and definitely hears about it.

11. End result… a new looking living room and one poor stressed out kid!

12. We finally convinced him to get into the whole Tree mood and go with us to the tree farm.

13. HINT: Going to tree farm an hour before they close is not wise.

14. Instead of finding a tree which we would cut down ourselves, something Jay really really wanted to do, we ended up getting an already cut tree.

15. To make matters worse we did not get the already cut tree Jay picked out. Mind you his tree resembled the one from Charlie Brown’s Christmas Special.

16. Drove home with a nice 7 foot tree on our roof and a cranky 5 foot boy inside the car.

17. All the change plus the anxiety of leaving Grandma and Grandpa and having to go back to school got too be just too much. End result… major meltdown.

18. For the first time ever… Jay actually asked to have his DAD help him calm down and talk to him instead of me. I was both happy and well… sad too! SNIFF SNIFF

19. Hubby did a WONDERFUL job talking to him. I know this because I listened from outside the door.

20. Hearing your boy tell his dad that he knows he is different and “weirder” than the other kids…  that breaks your heart.Especially when you are listening from outside the door.

21. Hearing your hubby tell your boy,” YUP… you are different. You have Aspergers. We can’t change that or the way other people think about you. All you can do is change the way YOU react to them. They can’t make you feel bad Jay. Only you can make yourself feel bad! Besides being Normal is overrated!”  that makes your heart lift back up again!

22. Hearing your boy inviting you back into the room because he knows you have been standing outside the door the whole time anyway… that makes you laugh!

23. Hearing the words, “I love you mom!” well there are no words to express how that makes you feel!

24. Monday mornings are always rough… but a Monday morning after vacation… BRUTAL!

25. Having your kids go back to school on that Monday Morning after being with them 24/7 for the past 2 weeks… you would think would make you happy… but oddly it didn’t.

26. An IEP meeting the first day back to school… not such a great idea.

Stayed tune for the other 26  of the 52 card pickup catching up blog post tomorrow!


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