Going Home- Tears and cheers at the same time

I cannot believe how fast our time here in Miami has gone by. But alas… today we pack up the car, the kids and the dog and again hit the road. We are not only leaving behind sunny 80 degree weather, leisure lazy mornings, late night chess games with grandpa, unlimited computer time and our endless supply of Cuban Crackers (Jay and my husband’s most favorite thing in the whole world and something we cannot get back home) we are also leaving behind family and friends not knowing when we will see them again.

So I am bracing for the meltdown already. I have already seen little signs of one coming. My brave Jay is doing his best to keep it together but it is there. Grace too. They are confused. You see they both long for their HOME. Especially Jay who needs his schedule, his safe place. But he has loved being here and he so loves his FAMILY! I mean he really  really loves his family. How I wish that the world filled with people with closed minds who know nothing about our Autistic children could just spend five minutes here and watch the connection my boy has with his grandfather.

So going back home for us will be one filled with Cheers and I am sure lots and lots of tears! And that is just from me!

I love you Miami! Not just because I was born here, or the sand and surf or the amazing vibe you get being here. No, I love you Miami because you are filled with so many special people whom even though I know are only a Skype call away… I still will miss!

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