If I am not already crazy I will be in another 2 days

In two days I will be getting into the passenger seat of a rented car with suitcases, both children, a dog who gets car sick just driving to the corner and a husband who thinks we can drive the entire 19 hour trip to Miami, Florida without having stop for anything but gas. I told you if I am not already crazy for agreeing to do this, I will be officially toted away in a pretty white jacket in two days time!

Yes, in two days my family will be making its pilgrimage south to see our family. That alone is enough to make you crazy. I mean the family part. But the actual thought of the pilgrimage to get there is keeping me up at night. Seriously. I have not slept in two days. I have so much to do before we go that I sit up at night making mental checklist of it all. Stuff Trip related: check the weather in Miami; do laundry so we have clean clothes to take; take down suitcases and air them out, take dog to get a bath and his nails clipped so he doesn’t kill Grandma when he jumps up on her which is another anxiety issue as she does not like dogs even cute ones like mine; talk to vet about some kind of anti anxiety medicine for the dog so he doesn’t get sick; pack, pick up rented car.  Then there is all the stuff that is happening before we go like Girl Scouts, Science Fair, the kids graduating to next belt in Taekwando, therapy, drama class, National Education Week in school presentations… all happening in the next two days.

And you wondered why I am not sleeping?

But I gotta keep it together because if I don’t well… lets just say that my kids feed off my anxiousness… especially Jay. So I am slapping on a smile and pulling up my big girl panties and moving forward. If you see me just nod your head and keep walking by me. seriously it is for your own good. Whatever you do… don’t ask me how I am doing because I cannot be held responsible for my overreacting crazy lunatic FREAK OUT moment that is bound to happen sooner or later, response. Nah… I will save that for my husband! HA

Don’t you just love the Holiday Season?

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