To two very special people on your 50th ANNIVERSARY!!!

Tomorrow two very special people will celebrate 50 years of marriage together… my parents. In an age where making it past the 7 year itch is considered a miracle… making it to 50 is almost unheard of. And yet my folks have weathered the good times and bad and somehow managed to keep it all together. They may not always have gotten along, and I know they get on each others nerves, but they LOVE each other, and that in itself is the glue that has held them together.

For months I have been trying to think of something I could do to make their day special, to show them how much I love them… to celebrate this momentous occasion. If I had money I would throw them a huge party and invite all the people they have ever known. Or I would send them on a cruise around the world… but sadly those are not realistic options. And honestly, knowing my parents, I don’t think they would matter as much. So I went to my muses for inspiration on what I should do… my kids. And together we came up with an idea. What  better way to honor them then to do so on my blog… an open forum where the entire world could celebrate right along with them. I would post the blog piece the day before and keep it up throughout the entire weekend so all would have a chance to see it.

But still we needed to do something special. Then the kids came up with the idea for the movie below, they wrote the script( Although I did throw in a few family jokes into the mix for laughs). They gave up an entire weekend so we could put costumes together and film the skits. There were no meltdowns during the process… just pure joy and fun! Then I got busy editing and trying to put it all together. What you will see below is by no means professional work… but it comes from us… from our hearts.( It’s 9 minutes long but really is cute. You have to see the ending if nothing else!)

It is our gift to a wonderful couple on their 50th wedding Anniversary.

So without further ado, I present…

How Carol and Paul got together… according to their grand kids! Love you mom and dad!

4 thoughts on “To two very special people on your 50th ANNIVERSARY!!!

  1. Thats wonderful!! Happy Anniversary to your parents. I remember my grandparents big celebration my mom put together for their 50th. I can’t wait to celebrate mine! 32 more years to go! lol

  2. if i can see the monitor through my tears i want to say thanks to you and the kids. the thought and effort you all put into this film will always be rmembered by me. the warmth,humor and love that i have foryou all
    goes without saying and by the way carol came without me using the cave man bat, but i must admit the dinosaurs tryed to get into our house.

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