Yesterday I bragged about how mature my boy is getting and how he showed so much empathy and I will go as far as even saying GRACE. (Go back and read if you haven’t already!) Today I am going a step further… are you ready for this? I left my kids (Yes plural) home alone for an hour and they did great!!!

It is funny because for a typical family, perhaps this would not be so HUGE… but we are anything but a typical family. My boy may look like an average 10 1/2 year old, but in so many ways he is younger than his 8 year old sister. But I had a meeting at the school (Which is literally across the street from my house. I am talking I can stand on my front porch and watch my kids walk into school.)  and well… had no one to watch them. They were insisting on me leaving them alone. “Mom it is only an hour. Your right across the street if we need anything. We know your cell phone number too. Just go!” they both sang in chorus. I was reluctant, and nervous… but it felt like they needed me to do this. Especially Jay. So I did it… I went to the meeting. Of course it was after a 20 minute safety speech in which I went through as many scenarios as I possibly could think of. I’m talking I had them practically Stopping, Dropping and Rolling out of the house.

I came home and you know what… they were FINE!!! No they were more than fine. They were getting along… in fact the boy was applying a band-aid to the girl who said she scraped her knee. (For the record… I saw no scrape not even a scratch but if he felt the need to play doctor and make her better so be it!) “He even put NEOSPORIN on mom!”, Gracie said proudly!

And there we were. The three of us staring at each other. All of our chest puffed out in Pride! SMILES from ear to ear. With out any words the kids ran into my arms and I hugged them like you would not believe. Two minutes later they were arguing over whose turn it was to walk the dog and everything was back to normal.

But you see it wasn’t! Our normal has some how changed because of that 1 hour. We have reached a NEW NORMAL now. Don’t get me wrong here, I am not ready to leave them alone at night and go out dancing with my hubby. That is still a LOOOONNNGGGG time away. But for the first time I know it is possible. And that alone is good enough for now.

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