The Phrase Everything But the Kitchen Sink now has new MEANING to ME!

We all have heard the phrase and perhaps have been known to say it ourselves. I know I have.

I threw everything into the suitcase except for the kitchen sink!

The Kitchen Sink has some how become a  humorous reference to an “all-in, all-inclusive” approach to a task that indiscriminately incorporates a lot of junk. But never in a million years did I ever think that the kitchen sink would become a metaphor to my life.

Saturday I started a new weight loss program. Actually it is more than a weight loss program, it is a new way of life. I am feeling more energetic, have slept better than I have in months and have already lost 4lbs and have not once been hungry while doing it. What I am doing and how I am doing it I promise to tell, but that is a different post. Anyway, I tell you this now because it has me starting to think completely different about things. About what I put into my mouth, how I view things, well just about everything.

Then one of my readers told me to check out  the FLYLADY.  So I did. If you have  clutter in your life and need help figuring out what to do about it… check her out. I honestly did not think it would be for me. I consider myself  to be mostly organized and for the most part clean!  Yes I have some clutter (it is called children) but I am the kind of woman who could never ever go to bed with dirty dishes in her sink. That is why I actually laughed at the video on the shiny sink. I mean come on. How could shinning my sink make such a difference? But still, being the inquisitive person I am, and always open to new blog post material, I decided to do just that!

Holy COW PEOPLE! It does make a difference. Maybe it is just me, and where I am at right now with all the changes I am making in my life, but some how this Kitchen Sink thing is so much bigger than I ever thought it would be. It is a physical reminder of how instead of looking at the end (an entire house that is spic and span as in this example) as the goal, concentrate on the small steps and tasks and take pride and joy in them. Now of course I did not get this right away! After all we all know what a thick skull I have.

This morning after dropping the kids off at school I came home and looked around my house. Where to begin? Mountain of laundry, pile of shoes by the stairs, breakfast crumbs under the table? Then it hit me. My sink! So I moved the breakfast dishes out of it and just concentrated on scrubbing it it clean. After that I felt compelled to clean the dishes too. Well then I might as well wipe all the counters off too. 20 minutes later I stepped back and my entire kitchen was cleaned. My sink looks GOOD! Now I clean my kitchen ever day and night. (Granted I don’t always scrub the way I did today, but still I clean it.) But some how today felt different. You see, I allowed myself to enjoy the fact that it was done, instead of fretting about what else needed to be done next. I stopped, and admired my hard work and actually found myself smiling! Yes over a stupid clean sink!

Then it hit me. Just how profound this actually was. Think about it. The sink is the place where we dump everything. Dirty dishes pile up sometimes so high that we may feel overwhelmed. Sounds a lot like LIFE and our responsibilities. But if we concentrate on washing one cup, one plate even one fork at a time. Guess what… we do it. We finish the dishes. And if we actually go a step further and take out a towel and dry them and put them away. That is huge! It deserves to be celebrated or at least admired for a minute before we move on the next task at hand.

In our every day lives, especially when Autism rears its ugly head, it is easy to get caught under all those dirty dishes. But snap those gloves on folks and whip out the soap, because we can do it! One dish at a time, one cup, one fork!

Clean your sink today and then come back here and leave me a message telling me how you feel and if you look at it differently!

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