SnapShot Saturday- Proud as a Peacock

                      This picture shows autism in a different light.                        It shows just what our kids CAN do! Jay was selected to be  a part of what they call the Principal’s Service Team at his school. He goes to school half an hour early and helps the Kindergarten ESL teacher prepare for the day and plays with the children as they arrive. The kids adore him. In fact the other day while picking him a little boy ran over to him and threw himself on Jay. Jay beamed! He finally untangled himself, INTRODUCED the boy to me and then in a stage whisper said to me, “Mom I am more popular than Justin Beiber to these kids!”  Anyway… after a two-week probation, they made Jay’s job official and presented him with a medal. On the back of the medal it says that he is a member of the Principle’s Team. I think this picture shows just how happy that made him. Not sure who is a Prouder Peacock… him or me?

Do you have a picture that represents Autism in some way… the good, the bad, or anything else in between? Send to me at mamasturnnow@hotmail.com and it could be featured here!

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