Becareful what you wish for, OR… OMG My Parents are on SKYPE NOW!

It all started with that damn digital frame that my sister-in-law got them. It took my parents forever to master the thing but when they did, it was, “Can you send me another picture of the kids so I can add it to the frame?”

Then my husband got the job in Brazil. I knew being so far away would be hard. After all my house was only a mile and  half away from the home I was raised in and my folks still live in. And not only was I leaving, I was taking their youngest grand babies with me. They were besides themselves.

In an effort to stay connected I begged them to get on Facebook. “Mom I can post pictures, you can instant message me the possibilities are endless. She kicked and yelled, but eventually caved in and joined. Little did I know that my Facebook invite would open Pandora’s Box.

Within a week my mom was addicted to FARMVILLE. My inbox was flooded with request to help find virtual missing cows or to fertilize some crop. Who knew my mother was so earthy!

I will never forget the summer we came to visit the family and we had to actually leave a real restaurant so she could go home and make sure her food on her Virtual Cafe did not burn. Seriously!

Of course there were the arguments that Facebook caused between my mom and dad. Mom only wanted female friends so she ignored her own husband’s request to be friends. To this day she still hasn’t befriended him.Poor dad!

By the time we moved back to the states both of my parents had gotten pretty savvy at FB. Of course they can’t cut and paste or attach a picture to an email but they certainly know how to push that LIKE button.

My FB Status: “Just picked up Jay from school. He threw up everywhere!”  MOM: LIKE!

At least I know she is reading!

I may be back in the good ole USA but I am still miles and miles and yup miles away from my parents. I miss them! And I know they miss the kids A LOT. (I would have written that they missed me too but after this post I am sure they don’t! I love you mom and dad! You know this is all just tongue in cheek!)

Anyway, this longing for a closer connection is what caused me I believe to have temporary insanity. It clouded my judgment I guess. You see, after finding out that Hubby was heading down to Florida on Business… I convinced him to buy a Webcam, install it,  and SKYPE and teach my folks how to use it so that we could be even more connected.

Well… you gotta be careful what you wish for folks. Because after three very long days hubby finally was able to teach the old dogs new tricks. And now they are on SKYPE and are calling me  ALL THE TIME!!! I mean ALL THE TIME!

I know it is a new toy and honestly… I am just joking here with this post. I am so happy to be able to see them and even more so for them to see the kids and my kids to see their grandparents. I am not sure who is more excited about it either.

But I am saying it here… if my folks ever join  TWITTER I am DONE!

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