You Got the LOOK I Want To Know better…

Okay lets see who is hip on their 80’s. What was that the jingle for? YUP JORDACHE JEANS! You are probably wondering why I am throwing out that random bit of trivia.

This morning I had to dodge rain drops while taking the dog out to do his business. All was fine until the dog saw a frog. He went after our little jumping friend and took me along for the ride. Now if I had been smart and had my sneakers on, this would have not been a problem. But I was not thinking when we left the house and in a rush to just get things done had put on flip flops. Flip flops and wet cement not a good combination. As I tried to catch myself from falling a sudden thought went flashing before my eyes. It was not “Oh My God what if I get hurt when I fall? I did not bring my phone with me.? “Nor was it, “Hold onto the leash so the dog does not get loose when you hit the ground in a giant heap.” Nope my shallow brain was thinking, “Don’t mess up your good jeans Sharon. These are the nice ones that make your butt look good!” And there you have it… or should I say I had it… the look, and I was willing to fall on my face instead of my BUM to not compromise it!

Enjoy this BLAST from the PAST!

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