Don’t Mess With MY KIDS Because They Can Kick Your ***bleep

“And the whole world wants to know right now, WHOSE BAD?” Those might be Michael Jackson lyrics but my kids can sing right along because baby they are BAD!

Yesterday I watched both my children learn a take down self-defense move in their Taekwando class. Let me just say I was one proud mama! This was a move to be used if someone grabbed your arm. You completely break out of it and basically turn the situation around by flipping them. It was not an easy move but they got it. You should have seen the joy on both their faces. Especially my JAY! He tries so hard. Sometimes it hurts to watch because what comes easy for others well… as I said before he tries so hard. But when he finally gets it… there are no words to describe the look on his face. These classes are so good for him. Not only are they building his core muscles and making him strong, they give him so much self-confidence. And guess what people… they give me peace of mind too. If some bully physically picks on my boy… they better watch out because he can kick their A$$! At least that is what I tell myself. I pray that he would be able to defend himself. Actually I pray he will never have to.

But this is a good post today. I am not going to go there. You know that place that all special needs moms go to. The dark place where all our worries and nightmares live. NOPE… Today I will remain positive and linger in my son’s accomplishments. I will not think about bullies or the fact that we spent almost an hour last night trying to get my boy to understand the simple concept of sorting and categorizing things. (And yet just another reminder of how differently his mind works. He just could not understand the concept.) Nope for now I will smile and relax because I know that my son and daughter ARE BAD!!!


One thought on “Don’t Mess With MY KIDS Because They Can Kick Your ***bleep

  1. What a proud mom you are! šŸ™‚ That’s just awesome
    It’s a wonderful world when they ‘get it’. The love that fills our hearts when we see their faces filled with joy is undescribable.
    Congratulations everyone!!!

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