Monday Morning – Coffee DOES make it better!

It’s Monday already? Where does the weekend go? I seriously think someone is playing tricks with the clock because it definitely feels like I missed some hours there somewhere. Monday came WAY to fast. Don’t get me wrong, I am always more than happy to get the kids back to school and have a quiet house for a little bit. Trying to write while they are home is near in possible. What with the interruptions, and the yelling and the whole having to feed them thing. Geez what are they kids or something?

Today was even harder than most Mondays for me. I woke up with the worst sinus headache. You know the kind that hurts when you bend over. OUCH! My teeth were even hurting. Of course hubby is out-of-town, so sinus headache or not I had to get up and feed the dog, get the kids up, feed them, make sure they got dressed, brushed their teeth and then walk them all (including the dog) to school. School was as far as I was walking today… sorry pooch no long walk today.

I came back into my house, looked around and immediately sighed. Where do you begin? I needed coffee ,badly, if I was going to get through the morning. And so I made myself a double vanilla cappuccino with sugar-free caramel syrup.  AND YES COFFEE DOES MAKE IT ALL BETTER!!! That and the couple of sinus medicine pills. Of course when the caffeine wears out I will crash… but for now I am ready to tackle the mountain of laundry, a desk of bills and a call to my new EDITOR!

Yes folks you read right… a new editor! YUP… I am happy to report that I got another column. I am so excited. I worked out most of the details this weekend with her. You are reading the blog of the new Humor Me Column for the  Dallas Fort Worth THRIVE Magazine. THRIVE is a quarterly publication from DallasChild. The goal of the magazine is to  assist parents of children with special needs in the Northern Texas area by reporting on issues directly related to their lives, building community among families of children with special needs, and promoting acceptance. It reaches 117,600 families. And I get to be a part of this. I get to perhaps make 117,600 families laugh out loud or at least smile and chuckle. (I HOPE!) 117,600 families, like you and me, who can all use a laugh or a chuckle.

I am so thrilled I cannot even begin to tell you. I already submitted my first article and the editor/publisher LOVED IT! That made my weekend. And her email asking for a photo of myself and kids so that she could give it to their illustrator who will attempt to illustrate in our likeness to go along with the article, well that made my kid’s weekend. They thought that was just the coolest thing. (I have to admit… I agree!)

But my kids are a hard audience. They are my biggest and toughest fans. They congratulated me and then said, “Okay mom that is great. People in New York will be reading your stuff and in Texas but what about Indiana, Chicago or Denver?” I looked at them confused. I mean how strange for them to pick those places. You would think they would have gone for California, Florida or even our own state Virginia. So I asked my kids why those. And their response, “Because of Indiana Jones, Shake it Up and Good Luck Charlie mom. DUH! ”

I have realized that until I am published in the places where my children’s favorite movies and TV show characters live… I will not be a success in their eyes. So if any magazine editors from Indiana, Chicago or Denver  happen to be reading this… PLEASE contact me. Heck if any editors or publishers from any place are reading this… PLEASE CONTACT ME!

Happy Monday Everyone!

6 thoughts on “Monday Morning – Coffee DOES make it better!

  1. I completely agree – coffee DOES make everything better. Coffee and Sinutab! I just found out that National Coffee day is Sept. 29 – just around the corner. I’m going to celebrate!
    Congratulation on the new editor!!! Yay!!!!
    Have a great Monday *hugs*

  2. Ha Sounds like me right about now. Darn weather changing has my head all messed up and I swear the husband knew this was coming so he planned to be out of town for it. As for where to start in the house I just walked by it all I’ll get to it later. LOL what about Nebraska or Alaska sorry had to throw in a couple random states couldn’t help myself.

    1. This is funny because they did mention Utah and Hawaii! (Although Nebraska would seem more out there. Nothing against you Nebraska folks out there!) Gotta love kids! Of course Grace was strutting down the stairs, when i asked her what she was doing she said her Red Carpet walk because people everywhere were going to read about her! Oh what have I created! HA

  3. Congrats Sharon! Just think a few months back you quit your “day job” and now your able to do what you do so well. Thanks for making is laugh!

    1. I know when I think how much and how far I come in a mere 6 months… well I am proud of myself. And yet I am such a result driven person that I want more and feel I need to do more! Thanks for the nice words. It really does feel great to know people are reading what I write, getting something from it and laughing! WOW… so different. I am a completely different person then when I started this wild ride. I am so excited to see where it leads to next.

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