SnapShot Saturday- Looking up their SKIRTS?

Maybe he is looking up their skirts but some how I doubt it. This is just another picture of Jay (at the time he was 7) being Jay. Climbing up high like this is something my boy doesn’t do. It is not that he doesn’t have the upper body strength, although their was a time when that would have been the reason, it is more that he is too anxious. What if he fell off? What if he got stuck? So instead he keeps his feet planted safely on the ground and looks up in awe. He never gets mad at those who can do what he doesn’t. Look at his face, you will notice no malice, no jealousy, no sorrow just awe!

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3 thoughts on “SnapShot Saturday- Looking up their SKIRTS?

  1. JUDY… I did not even notice but now that you point it out I do believe that is your girl! LOL So yup… forget all the other stuff… he is looking up her skirt! HA HA HA

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