A Birthday Party for a DOG… really???

Ask me what I have been doing all morning? Go ahead ask me? I cannot believe I am writing this and admitting it but I have been searching the web for DOG Birthday Ideas? YUP I have finally lost it. As if I don’t have anything else better to do, I have caved in and agreed to throw our spoiled pooch a 1st birthday party! The kids were so excited about the idea and well, I had to because Jay through this at me,

Well mom we had a party for your Facebook page getting 200 fans surely the dog is more important than that?”

Then he pouted his lips and batted those HUGE hazel eyes at me with those eyelashes. ( Seriously why is it that boys always end up with long eyelashes and not us girls?)  How could I say no with logic like that? You can’t!

So I am trying to figure out what we can do to make the day special and my already spoiled dog feel even more special and spoiled. The fact that Jay is into this just totally freaks me out. As I have mentioned before, he has never been a dog person. But he has such a special bond with this dog. He says Stanley has Aspergers. Maybe he does. Who am I am to say yeah or nay?

Whatever it is this dog and this boy have a very special relationship that provides them both much comfort. Jay allows the dog to sleep on his bed. I mean like every night now. It is so sweet. He still has some sensory issues about petting him. He becomes all OCD and wants to wash his hands afterwards. It is actually pretty humorous. Jay brushes his teeth and hops into bed. Stanley puts his two front paws on the bed gingerly waiting for an invitation to be allowed all the way up. Jay extends the invite in a very polite way mind you,” Yes Stanley you may join me on the bed!” The dog as if he totally understands, jumps up and curls right up against my boy. Jay without thinking pets him on the head. Then he realizes what he did and hops out of bed to wash his hands. The dog jumps down to see what he is doing. Then Jay gets back into the bed and the whole thing starts over. Perhaps it is a game they both are playing to stay up later? Hmmm… maybe. Whatever it is it is pretty cute to watch.

So there you have it. I am planning a “It’s my PAWty and I’ll Bark if I want to” Birthday party!  Now if I can figure out how to make a dog birthday cake we will be just fine. The party is not until the end of the month so I have time to figure it out. If you have a recipe though, pass it along. Also if you have had a party for your dog, I would love to hear about it!

2 thoughts on “A Birthday Party for a DOG… really???

  1. I can totally see this!! You are always looking for a reason to party.
    Don’t they have doggy ice-cream? My brother had a birthday party for his cat once (guests and all, with party hats). I say you do it at a dog park. Must have games: catch, chase, etc. Party favors include: biscuits, poo bags, squeak toy. Have you seen all the clever cookies they have for dogs?! They look like real cookies. Hope you have doggy friends who can join you and that everyone gets along. Party rule – no sniffing under the tail / it’s not appropriate play on birthday day. I don’t care if it is a way of saying hello. Send me an invite; although, you know the miles between us will force me to decline. I’ll be disappointed. Make sure you post updates. Ohhhh, the cake can be in the shape of a fire hydrant!! I’m so excited for you guys, can you tell?

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