Sunday Funnies

Growing up one of the things I enjoyed the most was reading the Sunday Funnies. I remember laying on the floor in my pjs with the paper spread out before me. Perhaps your town is different but we don’t get the Comics on Sunday here. Nope they arrive on Saturday with the ads and coupons. It’s not the same. Saturdays are always crazy for us so the paper gets tossed aside. I long for simpler  times. SIGH

As I sat down to write my Sunday post I started thinking about what it was exactly that made reading the comics so special. For a short time I could just laugh and escape everything. No wonder I enjoyed it so much.

So why is it that time has to end? It doesn’t. With that said, I have decided to devote my Sunday posts to the Sunday Funnies. Every Sunday I will find some comic that made me chuckle.

I know for a fact that we all could use a little comic relief. What a perfect way to end the week and get ready for a new one. SO make sure to come back here every Sunday and enjoy a giggle or two.

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