SnapShot Saturday- Here Comes the Spiderman!

LOOK OUT! here comes the Spiderman! In this case our little Spidey Dude may not have radio-active blood… but  that doesn’t stop him from trying to climb walls!

This little cutie is Henry and the picture was submitted by his mother Karen. This is what she says about this picture:

“This is a pic of our mischievous, superhero-loving (in this case,Spiderman!), cool-trick executing, super funny, super sweet, dare-devil, dude!”

You can follow Karen and her  tribe’s antics, the good, the bad, and the occasionally downright ugly, journey in the Autism Spectrum on A Chameleon’s Blog at www.chameleoninthespectrum.wordpress.com AND on her Facebook page, A Chameleon in the Spectrum.

Every Autism family has a story and a picture to go along with it. What’s yours? send your picture along with a description of the shot to me at mamasturnnow@hotmail.com and you could be one of my SnapShot Saturday posts!

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