When Mama Wants to Bitch- Slap Another Mama

I am not a violent person. I don’t hit my children… but I am seriously considering wearing this button here as a warning the next time I attend a school function. And I am not referring to the children.. it is the parents.

Awhile back I wrote a post called Mama Bear Fights Back (If you haven’t read it you may want to so you really understand this post.)Well guess what people… the same woman who made THOSE comments about my child is at it again!

I am on the Special Education Advisory Committee for my kids school. As one of the representatives, it is my job to make sure that any parent of a child with an IEP is aware of what is going on in the school and county. Because things change so much we wanted to make sure that we had parents email addresses so we could send them updated info. Because of privacy issues the school is not allowed to give us that info. That means we must get creative. The other rep and I decided that having a table at the school open house (The day before school started where all the kids come to meet your teachers) would be a great way to connect with people. So we set one up.

We were standing behind the table when THE LADY, and I use that term loosely because this chick is anything but a lady, came over. She smiled and tried to appear nice. Here is our conversation.

Bitchy lady: So what do we have here. (She jesters to the literature on the table all which is clearly labeled and obviously special needs related.)

Me: We are part of the Special Education Committee and we have information for any parent who has a child who happens to have an Individual Education Plan.

Bitchy lady: Oh well then I will keep moving along because I don’t have one of THOSE kids.

Me: (trying hard to not reach across the table and slap the smirk off her face) Excuse me? One of THOSE kids?

Bitchy lady: (Who I realized is also a moron besides being a bitch because she has not figured out that both the parents behind the table happen to have one of THOSE kids she is referring to and have just been offended by her comment.) You know one of those kids? (Then she leans forward and in almost a whisper as if it was a bad word) A special needs kid.

At this point my partner squeezed my arm under the table to stop me from Bitch Slapping her. I was going to say something but then remembered that this is the same woman whom I already wrote a letter explaining my child’s Aspergers too. I also realized that this woman is in denial. You see whether she wants to admit it or not… she does have one of THOSE kids. I spent a great deal of time with her daughter who was in my Jay’s class last year and I can tell you… the child needs an evaluation. The teachers even have seen it… everyone who has spent more than ten minutes with this girl can see it.

So instead of causing a scene or slapping her, I just smiled and said, ” Well then I guess you don’t need this information. Hope you have a great school year.” And I turned around.

As I watched her sashay away and pull out her cell phone and start chatting away ignoring her daughter who had been distracted and was now wandering off in the opposite direction, I no longer felt angry. I felt sad.



4 thoughts on “When Mama Wants to Bitch- Slap Another Mama

  1. I used to be the Special Ed liaison for our school as well as for the entire district. I am somewhat “used” to the ignorance of others and I do concur that I can easily spot kids with autism/asds and sometimes wonder why they don’t have a diagnosis and are not getting the help they so deserve.

    What makes me angrier are those parents who have children with a diagnosis and are not the appropriate advocate for their children and mock me and my efforts to make my child be all that he can be. Don’t get me started on family that question my parenting and the help I provide so that my son (and all my kids for that matter) is successful. You ever blog about that and I am high jacking your post and venting…you can count on it šŸ˜‰

  2. The positive message about welcoming inclusion needs to come from the administration. They set the tone. How they accomplish the message of being an inclusive school, which all of LCPS, helps to set the stage for how parents perceive inclusion. The AP at your school needs to resume attending PTA meetings. The Principal and AP need to support the SEAC reps in their efforts to ensure that PTA events and activities are inclusive. Once the tone is set, the perceived need to whisper that “I don’t have one of those kids ….. special needs.”, will erode and more and more people will appreciate our differences. Hopefully. Keep the faith, momma.

    Regarding the mom and her child ….. yes, they both need our prayers.

  3. “Hello…I’m here as a volunteer to help those families with special needs. Say the wrong thing and I’ll bitch slap you in to next week!” This is funny and sad all at the same time. I’ve wanted to slap a few people this week myself!

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