As I write this I am listening to something I haven’t heard in two months… QUIET! Yup folks the day is finally here… they went back to school! And so far no phone calls. (Gosh I hope I did not just jinx myself! Knock on wood, salt over shoulder and any other good luck thing I am supposed to do!)

It was a great morning. I have to admit I was nervous. You see yesterday Jay was full of anxiety. He was worried about how much homework he would get this year, who he would sit with at lunch, even middle school which is a whole year away! My boy can worry with the best of them it seems.

To get both kids minds off of school and to enjoy what turned out to be a gorgeous day after Irene came blowing through, we had a picnic in the park and then they went swimming. By the time 8:3pm rolled around both kids were showered, and ready for bed and did not complain. Jay even set his alarm for 6:48 am. Yes not 6:50 or 6:45 it had to be 6:48. Not sure why but I certainly was not going to argue.

As I kissed the boy goodnight, he pulled me close to him and whispered in my ear, “It was a great summer mom, THANKS!” Oh my freaking G-d… I wanted to cry. I suddenly forgot all about how excited I was for them to go back to school, to get my quiet house back, to have some Me time. All I wanted to do was to clutch both my kids to my chest and hold on to them forever. I wanted to keep them this age, like this forever. I did not want them to leave me… even for 7 hours to go to school. It took all my will to walk out of the room. Of course Hubby thought I was crazy when he saw me wipe a tear from my cheek. I don’t expect him to get it. You see even though he loves our children more than anything else in this world… he is not a mom!

Here are our First Day of school pictures…

New Backpacks and lunch bags and water bottles to match! As well as new shiny sneakers and clothes. All love all the newness of the 1st day! Look how excited they look… they are actually racing out the door. Yeah like that will last long!


So the dog thought he was going too. Poor puppy! He has been crying all morning!


And now for our traditional 1st day of school picture in front of our door outside! I present to you our new 3rd and 5th Graders!


3 thoughts on “It’s here, finally… TODAY WAS THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

  1. They look excited about their first day! Didn’t realize that Jay and Rylie are in the same grade! How quickly time goes by. Hope they have a wonderful year!!!

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