Twas the night before school started and all through the house

Not a creature was stirring not even my spouse.

The backpacks were hung by the door with great care

Clothes neatly laid out matching headband for hair.

The children had crawled mournfully into their  bed

Filled with anxiety, excitement and perhaps even dread

Would their teachers be nice, or would they be mean?

Should she wear the pink dress or go with the jeans?

I patted their backs and kissed them goodnight

I told them not to worry everything would be alright!

Then quickly I ran from their rooms I did flee

Shouting out loud, “Hooray I am free!”

They may have enjoyed lying around and being lazy

But two months with them home has made this MAMA CRAZY!

Wishing you all a great start to a new school year!!!

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  1. Terribly clever rhyming! I always enjoy a good play on words…

    So you know, I’m newly following you back via the SUNDAE hop, and I’m happy for it! My 20-month-old is currently undergoing testing for a possible autism diagnosis. It’s not easy (as you well know), but I’m stoked to find a community of fellow ‘mama’ bloggers experiencing similar situations.

    I sincerely look forward to reading more!

    Gillian from Baby Talk without the Babble

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