Where were you when the earth started shaking?

42… is just a number. It is not a very memorable birthday, but my 42 birthday will be going down in the history books. The day that a 5.9 earthquake literally shook up a bunch of east coasters. Now I know if you live on the west coast or perhaps if you were even one of the many folks who unfortunately experienced the quake in Japan, you probably don’t get what all the fuss it is about. But for us folks who only know rock and roll as a form of music and never think of it as the earths plates moving… well you can see how this would be headline news for us.

I have to admit though, I did not realize it was an earthquake at all. When the walls of the International Spy Museum in DC started rocking my first thought was, “OMG… the White House has been attacked and we can feel it from here.” I hate that my thoughts went straight to a terrorist attack rather than a natural disaster. I am not really sure what that says about me. But I will tell you this… I was not alone. I could see the fear in the eyes of the strangers around me. All I wanted was to pull my children close to me and not let them go. And that was exactly what I did.

Here is the thing. Jay was fine. He looked up at me and he said, “Mom I think that was an earthquake,” then he went back to reading about Ninja spies. Gracie on the other hand was terrified. She grabbed my hand and held on for dear life. The poor thing even insisted on sleeping in our bed, we  let her.

It amazes me, or perhaps I should say my son amazes me. The things that I think will bother him, cause much anxiety, rock him to his core… those things he just shakes off like a dog does water. And other things, small minor details like a piece of zucchini mixed in with his broccoli… well that can tear him apart.  You just never know.

So where were you when the earth started shaking? How did your kids handle it?

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2 thoughts on “Where were you when the earth started shaking?

  1. We were lucky. We live too far north and didn’t feel a thing. Knowing my boys though, my youngest would have been terrified. My next youngest would have been worried about the internet kicking out.

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