Whose Birthday is it?

Mine that’s who!!!  I won’t bore you with how old I am but I will say it is older than 41 but younger than 43! ha ha And I think I look damn good for my age if I do say so myself! And I just did so there.

My celebration started Sunday when hubby took me to Best Buy and we finally bought a new computer! How exciting is that. Our old one was almost as old as I am. Okay maybe not that old but it was certainly a dinosaur. We needed it big time.

Then last night hubby and I actually went out to dinner by ourselves. How nice is that! We were able to sit and enjoy an entire glass of wine and a meal without having to say, “Use a fork please!” or “You have to go to the bathroom again?” I even wore heels and lipstick! WOW… grownup stuff!

Today I will enjoy breakfast in bed, (Wish I would have waited a day to put the clean new sheets on! LOL) and then we are off to DC to go to the Spy Museum, have lunch in Georgetown and then the thing I am looking forward to the most… we are going to go to DC Cupcakes (The TLC show place) to get a special birthday cupcake! Doesn’t that sound like a great day! I have been told there are a few other surprises as well. There has been a lot of whispering going on… hmmmm what are they up too!

I am feeling very blessed right now and extremely happy! I am keeping my fingers crossed that we have no meltdowns and that everyone enjoys the day. It should be the last great adventure of the summer for us!



One thought on “Whose Birthday is it?

  1. Happy belated b-day!!! I haven’t been using the computer much this past month. Hope the earthquake did not put a damper on the festivities and you got to go DC Cupcakes. I’ve been to the one in Bethesda and love the lava fudge. Counting down to school starting here as well on the 29th.

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