What does the dentist of the year get?…A little plaque.

“ba-DUM ching” And the dentist we went to on Friday deserves a plaque for sure. The whole office does. What an incredible experience it was. But first let me back up so you understand the whole importance of this.

I know you are supposed to go to the dentist every 6 months. Well we get there… but that is usually the end of it. Actually getting my boy into the chair and opening his mouth… now that is something different. I have tried 2 different dentist in the past 2 months and nope… did not work.

But then I read a post from my dear bloggy pal Stimey (By the way if you are not familiar with Stimey and her work, you must I repeat MUST check her out. She is an excellent writer and her story telling of even the most normal events, like going to the dentist… will make you smile. In addition to Stimeyland ,Jean (aka Stimey) writes Autism Unexpected, a column at the Washington Times Communities. She is also a contributor to the DC Metro Moms Blog and Hopeful Parents. Seriously check her out!)

Anyway I contacted Stimey  and found out where this incredible dentist who seemed to perform miracles with her son was located. Stimey was more than happy to pass along the info. So glad she did. This place had both my kids as soon as they entered the lobby. Does your dentist office have a huge Treehouse, an air hockey table and special video station in the middle of the lobby? Mine does now!And there is even a special beverage bar with WiFi for the grownups!

But never mind all that… it is the people and how much they care that really matters. As soon as we arrived someone went over to my kids, never mind me, and introduced themselves. They showed them around and then handed them this huge folder and told them to pick out a movie they would want to watch while getting their teeth cleaned. The kids were in awe. But Jay was still skeptical. We took him back first.

Here is the thing, the inside is open meaning you can see other children getting their teeth done. The thinking behind this is that if kids see other kids getting their teeth done then they won’t be scared. That is all fine and dandy but when we walked in there was a child screaming like crazy. Not a very good first impression to my sound sensitive kiddo. But this dentist is prepared. They have a quiet room. Unfortunately the quiet room was being used but they did manage take him far away from the other child. Next time we know to request the quiet room. They handed Jay headphones and turned on a Batman movie. Jay was in heaven. He opened up when asked to open up and did not complain once. And I was there the entire time. In fact they encourage that.

The best part was that without me having to say anything they read my boy’s cues and suggested that they stop a moment and give him a break. Jay was so happy to just sit up and watch his movie. They did not hurry him. They just let him be for about 15 minutes and then Jay on his own said, “Okay we can continue now!” I was shocked!

Jay left the office with two plastic snakes, a bouncy ball and a tube of toothpaste and dental floss. I left with a huge list of procedures that need to be done. Not going to the dentist for two years has its consequences. Grace of course was a trooper as well. She was actually the little rock star. They teased her though because she just so happened to be wearing a cupcake shirt that day! LOL

So here is the kicker the icing on the cake so to speak. When we left the office both kids said how much fun they had. Now that is something you don’t hear very often!

Thank you again Stimey for the wonderful recommendation! If you live in Northern VA and need a great pediatric dentist who also does BRACES… let me know!



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  1. I’m so happy to hear that the visit went well. I’m always nervous recommending medical personnel, because I would hate if you’d had a bad experience and it was my fault. I’m breathing a big sigh of relief now. 🙂

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