The WInner of the Surviving Time Island Virtual World Computer Fun Pack is…

Hey folks and Happy Sunday to you. Before I announce the winner I just want to tell you that I have some great readers who just crack me up. As you know in order to enter the contest you had to leave a comment saying what two things you would bring with you if you were stranded on an island. The answers were just fabulous.  Everything from Bug spray and  sunscreen, wet wipes to your favorite comfy pillow and of course a book entitled: “How to Survive on a Desert Island”. But Random. org picked the winner which just so happened to be the most practical entry too. The winner was…

Kitty Kay | August 18, 2011 at 11:50 am | Reply | Edit

I’m bringing what no one ever brings a boat and a cell phone.

Congrats Kitty Kay! Please send your mailing address to  Time Island can mail you your fun pack!

DON’T FORGET PEOPLE… the big Giveaway for the $300 value Social Skills Computer Program , Secret Agent Society, is still going on. Click here and enter to win this FANTASTIC program! Remember to leave a separate comment for each thing you do to enter. chooses from the comments left. The more comments you leave the greater your chances to winning. Remember you can tweet the contest once a day and then go back and just leave a comment saying you did. SO every day you can get another chance to win. Contest is open up to everyone worldwide and ends Midnight EST August 31st.

2 thoughts on “The WInner of the Surviving Time Island Virtual World Computer Fun Pack is…

    1. My pleasure! I love making people’s day with these giveaways! Send your mailing address to and I will pass it along to the folks at Surviving Time Island and they will mail the fun pack to you directly! Congrats again. Keep tweeting my other contest and then going back and leaving a comment saying you did. Maybe you are on a winning steak! LOL

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