The FROGGY BLOGGY Party in Honor of my 200 Likes on my Facebook Page

The other day I wrote the following on my facebook Page:

Yesterday I had 6 new people Like this Fan Page! Welcome to you all. I was telling Jay about it and he said, “Mom when you reach 200 can we have a party with a cake and everything?” And I said sure why not. Ten minutes later he came back in and asked if I had 200 people yet? Oh it is going to be a long road ahead if you guys don’t tell your friends to like me and I can have that party! LOL 

Within 24 hours I went from 131 to 200 thanks to the help from my fellow autism moms and family and friends. You would have thought it was New Years Eve when the ticker went to 200. The kids were running around screaming. It was great a moment I will always remember and treasure.

So Sunday, I made good on my word and we had a party. It was not just any party mind you… it was a “Hoppy 200 Likes Froggy Bloggy Party!” Jay’s idea. I was pushing for the Dog and Blog  rhyme theme (would have been much easier to make a cake in the shape of a paw) but nope the boy wanted FROGS.

And so the boy got FROGS!

I even invited over my neighbors and my cousin and well… we had ourselves a party! The kids and I dug up as many frogs as we could. We found green balloons and a table cloth.  I made signs on the computer and Gracie hung them up. We made Lime Jello into the shape of lily pads and stuck frogs on top.It looked good for something we threw together in under 12 hours!

I researched the internet to figure out how to make a Frog shaped cake. It came out pretty cute too. Jay made a really cute speech thanking everyone for coming. I love this picture and could not help but add the captions. 🙂 Afterwards we went outside and played a few Frog related games and then the kids just played Nerf  Gun Battle and had fun running around and working off their sugar high.  The grown ups sat in the air conditioning (we are much smarter after all) and just visited. It was such a nice and relaxing time.

As I put Jay to bed he asked what we were going to do when I hit 500! Here we go again!

Once again thank you to all my new followers and for those of you who have not liked my Facebook page please do. It is much more than just me posting about my blogs. It is a community where people can post their own links and ask questions and just support one another! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mamas-Turn-Now-How-my-son-with-Aspergers-is-teaching-me-to-be-happy/203699439661818

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  1. Hi Sharon
    its been wonderful browsing your blog and simply thought I would say cheers and wished I could write like that.

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