SnapShot Saturday- Making the Pieces Fit


Today’s SnapShot was submitted by Carolyn from Neurotypical Mom -Life with Z. This is a photo of  her son Z who is 7 and was taken at the end of their trip  to the lake earlier this year.  Here is what she says about it.

“Z worked ALL WEEK on a thousand piece puzzle (persevered if you will ) and finally finished it (with help from his dad, uncle and grandfather).  This is the face of my son’s Aspergers in my eyes because he’s interested in stuff that most 7 year olds aren’t and when he’s interested – look out. Wild horses couldn’t drag him away from the object of his affection.” 

Thanks Carolyn for sharing this great picture. I love the look of pride on his face. Do you have a picture you would like to share? Send it to me at mamasturnnow@hotmail.com



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