Check your Expectations at the door please!

First off did you notice the countdown ticker on the right hand side? Need I say more?

We recently returned from a quick little get away to Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg. What I thought was going to be a fun and relaxing trip in which we would all recharge our batteries was anything but. I wish I would have checked my expectations at the door when we checked in at guest relations. I would have had more fun and saved myself and the family a lot of grief.

You see, Autism is not a great travel companion.  It’s a heavy carry on bag that is most definitely too big for the overhead compartment.  You try to not pack it, but somehow when you get to the hotel and open your suitcase, there it is. It can make sunny days cloudy, a dream location into a nightmare and some how it even manages to rub off on others who are just passing by. Gee you would think it would at least have the decency to shower before entering the pool but nope… autism plays by its own rules.

I know all this about Autism, and yet I cannot help but hope that things will be different every time.  I create unrealistic expectations of how things SHOULD be. I plan days packed so full of fun family activities that even the most  well-trained marathon athlete could not have the energy to complete. Anyone who has children knows that this is just a set up for disaster. Changes in schedule and sleeping patterns, new foods, new sights, sounds  hot sticky weather and hundreds of strangers in your personal space is not a great combination for anyone. Then add in our extra guest whom we did not invite but showed up occasionally anyway… autism. Yeah, I am lucky my husband did not have to book me an extended vacation where I get to wear a pretty white jacket and relax in a padded white room. Although come to think of it… it doesn’t sound all that bad.

Anyway,  I eventually gave up the idea of having a plan and just sort of went along with the ride which I guess you really are supposed to do when you are on vacation. The kids had fun. The resort was not what I expected (there we go again with those nasty expectations.) I just felt that for the money it could have been a little more I don’t know…Plush. My husband kept calling it discount Disney! Although it was anything BUT a discount and in some ways even more expensive than Disney. I’ll blog about OUR major meltdown in Busch Gardens and then another in Colonial Williamsburg tomorrow. (And yes I wrote OUR and not just Jay’s because as I said before Autism can spread faster than a knife through jelly.)

Here are some fun pictures from the Lodge!

5 thoughts on “Check your Expectations at the door please!

  1. sorry it wasn’t what you expected, but life goes on
    and we learn to accept not expect. G-d does not
    give us more than we can handle. if this sounds fimiliar
    it should, you told me all this when i was sick. just thinking
    out loud. love ya Dad

  2. I absolutly LOVE your blog!! I think we were twins! LoL…Sometimes, most of the time, I think as the padded room as a vacation!! I have 2 teenage boys! My youngest one has IMH. Intellectually Mentally Handicapped. I hate it, but I try to treat him like everybody else, for the most part he is your average kid, just a little slow. I’ll be back! LoL…

  3. You always need a vacation from your vacation when you take autism along. You keep hoping…but it almost always feels like a waste of money. This last one we took was the best one we’ve had in quite a while…and that doesn’t mean it was good!

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