Do you want the good news or the not so good or the WOW OMG news first?

NOT SO GOOD NEWS: I am not supposed to be typing. I posted a picture on my Facebook page why. You see my hand is all swollen and it hurts. Of course it is my right hand and I am right-handed. I wish I had some glamorous or even very funny story to tell you as to how I hurt it. But nope. I was playing with the dog and pulled my hand out of his mouth and smashed it into the wall. Yeah not my smartest moment.  So that is why I was off for a few days. It is not so bad now… thus the typing.

Next on my list… the WOW OMG NEWS. I AM AN OFFICIAL PAID WRITER NOW! (Insert bells and whistles and an audience applauding soundtrack right here!) Yup. Last week I was approached by Westchester Family Magazine  in NY about writing a 700 word humor column about parenting. So I submitted something and low and behold… they bought it and invited me to submit more. So I sent her another one and guess what? THEY BOUGHT THAT ONE TOO!!! ( As in they are sending me a check folks. Enough to go get my hair cut, colored and chemically straightened and not feel guilty! Oh yeah baby!)  My articles will be featured in both their print version and digital version of the magazine. One will run in September and the other in November. I am so very excited! (More bells and whistles and throw in there a YEAH ME cheer too! Sorry I am just so excited! And I really need my hair done too.)

And last but not least the Good News.  I am going on a much needed vacation. The family is joining me but that’s okay! LOL We will play and swim at the Great Wolf Lodge, hopefully not lose our lunch as we ride the roller coasters in Busch Gardens and go back in time as we stroll through Colonial Willamsburg. We also will celebrate my Gracie’s  Birthday! I cannot believe my baby girl is turning 8! SNiff  I am sure I will have all sorts of stories to tell you about when we get back.

I still need to do laundry and pack and about a gazillion more things to do before we leave.  Which means I won’t be able to post again for a few days. So hang in there please and promise to come back to me next week! I am sure I will be updating my status throughout the trip so if you just can’t stand being away from me (awww you guys make me feel so loved) then make sure you are following Mama’s Turn Now on Facebook  and Twitter to stay in the loop!

The next time I write on here I hopefully will be doing it rested, relaxed and recharged. (Either that or I will be writing about how my hubby is getting ready to check me into an extended vacation at a sanitarium for mommies who have finally lost their marbles. Lets all hope that it is the first one! LOL)

Talk to you soon!!!

8 thoughts on “Do you want the good news or the not so good or the WOW OMG news first?

  1. Congrats, you deserve it especially the vacation! It was great seeing you and thanks from both me and Daniela for taking her in for 2 days! She had a wonderful time!

  2. OMG!!How exciting!! You go girl. You are going to be living the dream. I’m so proud of you!! You little go getter you!
    Have fun on vacation!!

  3. congrats Sharon both Lila and I are very proud of you and we knew you could do anything you put your mind to.Have fun on trips and can’t wait to read your articles. Hope Isa got her card.

  4. WOW OMG NEWS is awesome news! Congratulations!!
    Have a great time on your vacation. Can’t wait for the “e-postcards.”
    Happy “Birth” day to you & Happy Birthday to Gracie!

  5. OMG is right!!! CONGRATS Sharon!!! So so happy proud of you! Very very happy news!!! I knew somthing big was coming your way!!! Enjoy your vacation! Happy Birthday Gracie!!

  6. It is not surprising that you were asked to submit those articles, your work is readable, relatable and funny. Congrats, you deserve it and the vacation. Have fun and I look forward to reading the articles when they come out.

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