My Son is making True Friendships

A good friend whom we met when we lived in Brazil came to visit us this weekend. It is always so nice to be able to pick up exactly where you left off even though it has been almost a year since you last saw one another. That is what we did. Well that is what I did. Jay on the other hand had a rough start.

Perhaps the problem was that the place we said we would eat lunch at had a 35 minute wait so we did not eat there. Then where we did eat had nothing on the menu where the food did not touch so my hungry boy ended up eating a bag of chips and a  lemonade.

Or maybe it was the nasty fall he took which left him with a bloody knee… that could have been it.

But most likely it was the simple fact that the friend visiting  brought her daughter with her who just so happens to be  the little girl whom Jay had a crush on for two years. The little girl who always looked after him, made him laugh, who was a real friend to him.

You would think he would have been excited to see her, but he was down right rude.  Gracie embraced her but Jay gave her the cold shoulder. He would not go in the fountain with her, he did not want to play a game with her, he barely said two words to her. When he did talk he snapped at her.

I finally had enough and pulled my boy aside. In order to talk about it he took me into a closet, he did not want her to hear us. And what my boy said was both sweet and sad.

” Mom I am afraid I will say or do something that will be embarrass me in front of her and I just could not bear to do that mom.”

Oh my poor sweet boy. At first I thought this was an Asperger thing and the way he acted was. I mean he did not deal well with change and became emotional and stubborn. But the reasons behind the behavior were pure TYPICAL  TEN YEAR OLD BOY! A boy not knowing what to do with his feelings. A boy who did not want to look bad in front of a girl he likes! How great is that? Another giant leap for my little man!

I had to hide my smile. Instead I seriously said to my pre-teen son,”Yes, sometimes we might do something silly in front of someone whom we really like and want to impress. However, by not talking to her you are making her feel bad. Isn’t risking being silly better than making a person we care about feel bad?”

He GOT IT!!! I mean he really understood this.

Together we went upstairs and talked to his friend and explained how he was feeling and why he was acting so bad. And this precious little girl said, ” Oh is that all? Good. I thought you were mad at me. You don’t have to worry. Now lets play!”

And then they went off and played. Just like that.

I am not saying that this little girl is going to be my daughter in law one day, however, I know she will always have a special place in both our lives. For she and Jay have a True Friendship.


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