SnapSHot Saturday- Liam Hiking With His Mom

This week’s Snapshot was submitted by Mary otherwise known as Liam’s Mom. Mary says, ” Liam with his autism is more in tune with the nature around him on the mountain trail in Colorado than 99% of the other visitors who were rushing by.  He looks, examines, listens to all.  This was a special time for him and I to spend together away from therapy and doctors.”  I just love the look on his face, don’t you? Leave a message and visit Mary on her facebook page and let her know how cute you think Liam is. You can find her at: https://www.facebook.com/msluce

I am also being featured today on the SPD Bloggers Network. They are running my little piece called Today Autism Won, But Tomorrow is a New Game. If you have not read it go check it out. I think it is one of my favorite posts so far.

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