Playing Chess With Grandpa

Awhile ago I wrote a post to my father telling him it was okay. I wrote about how he doesn’t  have to fix Jay, he just needs to connect with him.

My father is an amazing man, who when given direction… GOES! I am so happy to write this post. I happy because my father has found a way to connect with his grandson.

Even though they are 700 miles away from one another they can play something they both love… CHESS! My father bought two boards that were exactly the same and he numbered them. He kept one set and sent the other to Jay.

Jay knew exactly what to do as soon as he got the package. He set the game up and then asked to call grandpa.

I listened to my boy and to my father and I beamed. For 21 minutes the two connected. I mean they really connected. They joked with one another, they discussed moves, they laughed. It was magical!

When the game ended the spell was broken, but a simple promise for another day, another chance to bond was offered.

“Grandpa I will get you next time!”

2 thoughts on “Playing Chess With Grandpa

  1. it was a wonderful thing and he is very good, i won’t let him win
    he will have to do it right and the way he was playing it won’t
    be long, tell him his cousin(steven’s son glen) was 9th in the usa
    age bracket of 13 so he has something to shoot for, the article was lovely and it means a lot to me thanks and love and kisses.AND FOR THOSE

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