Roll Over I need More ROOM!

Do you remember the children’s nursery rhyme called, “Ten in a Bed”? Not the one about the monkey’s jumping in the bed, although that could apply to this post too. No I am referring to the one that went:

There were 10 in the bed and the little one said, “roll over, roll over!” So they all rolled over and one fell out. There were 9 in the bed…”

and so on and so on until there is only one little sadistic kid left alone in a very BIG bed! That song was my house last night, except I was the one on the floor and instead of one little sadistic monster there were two! Any guesses as to what their names were?

 Some how it has become a tradition that when daddy is gone on a trip, at least one night the kiddos sleep in my bed with me. I am not certain as to why this is such a treat, but hey it is a cheap reward and I am all about that. Anyway, usually the kids argue and fight and push each other so I do one at a time. But last night I had two sets of hazel eyes staring up at me swearing they would behave so I caved in.

I love my bed. It is a HUGE over sized King bed with just the right amount of firmness. The comforter is light enough to use in the summer and the sheets are extra soft. My pillows… oh how I love my pillows. Basically… at the end of a hard day , which is practically every day in this house, I look forward to crawling into my bed and drifting off into blissful sleep! EXCEPT on sleep over nights!

My husband is a big guy. I am talking Incredible Hulk muscle type of big not Sumo Wrestler big.  At  5 feet 10 inches I am on the Amazon side myself too. Yet the two of us fit perfectly in this massive bed. There is plenty enough room to cuddle and for me to have my own space, if I so desire.

With all that said, why is it that when these two beast come into my bed, I end up being rolled out of bed… EVERY TIME! Seriously… I am not being cutesy here… the kids bump me out of bed. EVERY TIME!

My kids are not small but they are still half my size. Which means even if you put the two of them together they would only make one full size me. I know for a fact that I am smaller than my husband. I also know that hubby and I fit perfectly in the bed together… remember the whole cuddle then night night honey leave me alone so I can sleep part I mentioned earlier. (Oops… I guess I mentioned the cuddle part but not the leave me alone so I can sleep part. Oh stop faking the look of disapproval. We all do it. You wait for hubby to fall asleep then you crawl out from under his bear claws so that you can turn over and really go to sleep. It’s not that I don’t like spooning… but I can’t breath when his arm is draped lovingly across my chest. And besides sleeping, breathing is another of my favorite things to do! )

I digressed, sorry! The point I was trying to make is that there SHOULD be more than enough room in that bed for us all. Hell… there should be enough room for them to sleep in there even if hubby was home. But some how my little angels turn into Hobbits at night-time. They burrow and mess up all the covers as if they were trying to make their way to Middle Earth. They sleep horizontally across the bed instead of vertically which means I am always getting a toe up my nose at some point of the night. Sock Monkey or whatever other favorite friend that has been luckily chosen that night ends up in places that stuffed animals really should not be. (Makes you wonder about those Toy Story movies and if these things really do come to life when we are sleeping. SHIVER DOWN MY SPINE AT THE THOUGHT!) And then there is the 3am, “Roll Over I need more room.” Followed by a power drive elbow move to my head that the WWE would be proud of which knocks me to the floor. How do they do it?

I know how the night will turn out every time. I will make up at 6am tired and sore from the wrestling match. I am cranky from lack of sleep and need coffee BAD. And yet, even knowing this is how it will turn out, I will do it again. Why you might ask?

Because I know there will come a time when my children will stop asking to sleep in my bed. SIGH.

Now if you excuse me, I need a Tylenol and a cup of coffee BAD!

2 thoughts on “Roll Over I need More ROOM!

  1. LOL. My husband is big, and I am 5’10”, and both of our boys wanted to sleep with us in our king-sized bed, and they slept every direction except verticle! I too like to have my space to sleep and breathe and LOVE our king-sized bed for that very reason. So… I will tell you how I solved the problem of two boys keeping me awake at night. Instead of having the boys sleep in our bed – we had camp-outs in our room. They each had a cool sleeping bag and were allowed to sleep on the floor by the bed. We had popcorn before turning in, and told stories in the dark to make it a special event. At first they were mad, but I told them camp-out or off to their own beds. It became a weekly tradition and they outgrew it naturally. I hope your Tylenol and coffee did the trick!

  2. IT always amazes me how much room a little body takes up in a big bed. How do they sleep in thier little beds and not land on the floor. I was just telling my grandaughter that the other day when we laied down for a nap together.

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