My NEW 10 Commandments to Live by and be HAPPY!

Yesterday’s post was raw and full of emotion. I think you have to reach that point before any clarity can been seen. Well at least I do. I allowed myself to feel tired and bad, I ate a doughnut, had a huge iced coffee, sat home on the couch with Jay watching Harry Potter all afternoon and then I was ready to move on. And you know what… that is fine. It was what I needed then.

Today, I started thinking about how I need a little more direction. I need something written, THE LAWS OF SHARON so to speak.  A reminder, something I can turn to instead of a doughnut.  Something like Gretchen Rubin did in her book the Happiness Project. (If you have not read her book or at least visited her webpage, I highly recommend it!)

Gretchen features all sorts of quizzes and articles. I remember reading one article awhile back that sort of has stuck out in my head. It was called, “Are you a Tigger or an Eeyore?“.  I am an Eeyore lately. In fact I recently even bought an Eeyore night shirt. Somehow I have become a gloomy downer who feels that thinking the glass is half full is unrealistic and a waste of time. I don’t have time for Tigger foolishness… I am a mom!

That type of thinking is okay, if it is actually how you feel. However, I don’t! I do believe that happiness is a choice, I just have some how forgotten to make that choice lately.

So that brings me back to what this post was originally meant to be about, my need for a written reminder. So I am following in my Happiness Guru’s direction, and I am writing down my own 10 Commandments, some things that I think will make me a happier more fulfilled person.  Oh and  I am also going to donate my Eeyore pajamas to GOODWILL!


1.) Act the way I want to feel even if I have to fake it until I really feel that way. ***My husband would refer to this one as PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) instead of PMS or be Tigger not Eeyore!***

2.) Don’t Sweat the SMALL STUFF- HINT: Everything is really small stuff in the big picture of things, so just let it go!

3.) Treat everyone with kindness, patience, compassion and understanding… THAT INCLUDES MYSELF!

4.) I can’t control or change others so stop NAGGING. What I can change and control is my reactions to others! In other words… STOP NAGGING!!!

5.) Listen MORE, Talk LESS! And don’t treat my love ones as a distraction.

6.) Don’t over think everything.

7.) Be grateful for what I already have and give without any expectations. Don’t expect praise or recognition back! True happiness is found in giving not getting.

8.) I need, no Require ME TIME and it’s not selfish! A few minutes to recharge my batteries is not only good for me, it is good for my family.

9.) Do what I love and love what I do…OFTEN!

10.) Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, and TODAY is a Gift, that is why it is called a PRESENT! Remember: I will never be able to re-live today, this moment ever again so make it count!

3 thoughts on “My NEW 10 Commandments to Live by and be HAPPY!

  1. Very good commandments! I have something similiar – my #2 was worded more like “is this REALLY going to matter in five years?” If the answer is “no” then it’s not a big deal lol

  2. These are good. My philosphy is 55% of life happens and the other 95% is how you deal with it. Some times I realy need to stop and remember that but it realy does help.

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