Good Grief CHARLIE BROWN, I think you have Aspergers!

The other night a Charlie Brown episode came on TV. I have always loved the good old block head so I gathered up the kiddos and sat down to watch. I listened to my daughter laugh at the same favorite characters that I enjoyed watching when I was her age. Then I noticed something I have never noticed before. I think Charlie Brown has Aspergers.

I really don’t know how I haven’t seen this before. He has so many of the characteristics. He speaks in a monotone voice. He has trouble interacting with others and even says he doesn’t understand. When his teacher  talks all he hears is a trombone like voice , ” Wah wah wah  wah!”  He is easily fooled. Even afer time after time after time of Lucy pulling the football away he still tries to kick it. He is clumsy and often awkward, sarcasm is lost on him, and he has trouble putting his thoughts into writing.    He likes to be alone and he has a very strong attachment to his dog Snoopy.

Then I found out that many people believe that Charles Schultz himself had Aspergers. Since Charlie Brown is based on him, he even is said to have had a crush on a red-headed girl, it makes sense.

Some how this realization offered comfort to me. You see I have such fond happy memories of the Peanuts Gang. That is it… I find comfort because at the end of the day, no matter how different good old Charles is… he IS part of the gang. a vital part of the gang. And that is what we all really want for our kids isn’t it? To be accepted for who they are!

4 thoughts on “Good Grief CHARLIE BROWN, I think you have Aspergers!

  1. It’s so interesting to me how with my adult perspective I can look back on so many people in my life and see that they were probably on the autism spectrum. Some were children when I knew them, some were adults. It brings a whole new level of understanding to some of the situations I dealt with with them. And although I’d never had these thoughts about Charlie Brown, I can definitely see it now that you mention it!

  2. I am looking at the new Charlie Brown (Peanuts)series on Boomerang . The lightbulb went on when I saw how he frustrates the mostly female characters with his non emotionality and lack of understanding. I Google Charlie Brown and asperger’s et voila, here I am. The reason I know anything about it all is a young coworker of mine. He explained to me his issues and overcoming it. Knowledge is power and educating the uninformed is a full time , but very important mission. Thank you.

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