Lemonade stands and summer go together like peanut butter and jelly. I have so many fond memories of parking myself outside of my family’s house and selling glasses of the sweet yet sour stuff as well as chocolate chip cookies and anything else I could think of selling. One time I even tried to sell homemade greeting cards! Yeah that didn’t go over so well. Can’t blame a girl for trying.

So when Grace and Jay said they wanted to do a lemonade stand I was defiantly on board! What a great way to teach them so many important skills, and I am not just talking about math folks. In order for my son to sell lemonade well he has to interact with people. Talk about practicing social skills!

I convinced them to wait until Saturday as that is the day the Farmer’s Market down the street from our house occurs. Every Saturday our streets are lined with cars and people, which is just as an important ingredient for lemonade as lemons are. (The people part, not the cars.)

Jay was the one who came up with the idea of all the profits from our stand going towards Autism Speaks. It will be part of the money we are collecting for our team for the Autism Speaks Nations Capital Walk in October.  Grace was just excited about doing the stand and agreed. (Proud mama chest being puffed out right now! You see I was prepared to have to deal with the arguing about what they would spend the money on… this was a very nice surprise.)

Gracie made the signs and Jay came up with the idea of being a walking billboard. He walked around the Farmers Market telling people about the stand and how the money would go towards Autism Speaks. He answered questions and used his manners. In other words… he socialized. He did great!

I learned that my son is quite the sells man. If he saw someone riding by on a bike he would say, “I bet all that riding makes you thirsty. I bet a nice cold glass of lemonade would sure hit the spot huh? And just think… you would be helping a great cause too!” He would follow this by flashing one of his famous smiles. The kid is good.

I am proud to say that we sold out in only an hour and a half. I am even prouder to say that we made $50.50!!! Can you believe it? The kids had so much fun and we raised a lot of money too.  We even got a few people to sign up to be part of our team for the walk.

We are going to try to do it again next Saturday and throughout the summer. Originally our goal was to make $100 this summer but I think we are going to up it to $500. Wish us luck. Oh and if you are in the neighborhood next Saturday remember… “Get your ICE COLD LEMONADE HERE!”

6 thoughts on “Get your ICE COLD LEMONADE HERE

  1. Lol! What a great salesman you’ve got there.:) I love when I see lemonade stands up in the summer. I just think they’re the cutest thing, and I love business, so I think it’s a great way to teach kids a little about it. That’s so awesome that you’re raising so much money for a good cause!

  2. Wow that is great! Lurch would sit for a few minutes, say it was hot and he was bored, not talk to anybody, and then retreat to his cave to play on his computer… I hope you break the $500 goal!

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