Weekly Wrap Up Sunday

Okay I should warn you that it seems the posts I am featuring this week all have a bite to them. I didn’t set out to do it but as you know I feature posts that I read throughout the week that spoke to me and well, just read and see for yourself.

1.) So my first pick was inspired by the fact that I couldn’t zip my jeans the morning I read it. Yup I was having a fat day and well this post was perfect timing. It is all about how she realizes that being AVERAGE SIZE is more than okay. Read GOT CURVES?  from The Sunny B.  My favorite line was: ” You know who looked great in skinny jeans? Joey Ramone, Iggy Pop, and Mick Jagger.” LOVE IT!

2.) Patty over at Share Your Love Story wrote a great post that made my feeling sorry for myself about loosing my diamond feel OKAY! You Don’t Need To Be Happy or Positive is all about learning how to be more gentle with yourself when you find yourself in a not so positive place. It is worth a read and will defiantly get you thinking.

3.) I was going to feature a funny post that I even included on my facebook page this week written by Tessa over at Apples and Autobots  called Game/Reality Shows That Would Be More Fun With A Twist of Autism but then I read  Don’t Laugh At Me. OMG… you need to read this post. It will make you cry and will make you mad that some people out there can be so cruel. Even if you don’t have a special needs child, actually especially if you don’t have one… read it! Then make sure to check out her Help our  Family Win An iPAD Post too.

Editors Note:  I write my SnapShot Saturday and Weekly WrapUp Sunday post on Friday night. I do this because the weekends are always so busy. Well after I wrote this wrap up post HUBBY FOUND MY DIAMOND. Yup I am not sure how he did it but he found the diamond.  I just felt the need to share this info with you all as I am on cloud nine! YEAH!!!

 And that folks is a WRAP!

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