Another One Bites the Dust

Way back in April I wrote a post called R.I.P. Mr. Magic Fish if you haven’t read it, go and take a look… it will make you understand the rest of this post more. For those of you too lazy to actually click, you know who you are, basically it told the story about how we had to have a funeral for a missing fish eraser. Yes an eraser. Okay keep that story in mind as you read this next part.

When we got Stanley the dog we promised to get Jay a real fish. We bought a small tank and set it all up and on Sunday we finally went to the pet store to get his fish. Of course Jay could not fall in love with a cheap 27 cent feeder fish or even the 49 cent Beta fish… no my boy wanted the $4.99 Black Moor Goldfish. I know compared to how much we paid for the dog, $4.99 was not a lot… but come on, we all know that fish just don’t last as long as dogs do. To me it was basically, for lack of a better way of saying this… flushing money down the toilet. But he had his heart set on this little guy. And with a swift of my credit card… Hammer the Fish officially became a Fuentes Family Member.

I did everything by the book. (Literally the book… Jay made us get that too.) For 4 days ahead of time I carefully treated the water with the special chemicals we purchased to make it safe.  I rinsed the tank, the fancy little water tree plant and all the blue rocks (Are you seeing how the cost of this fish thing is adding up?) without soap… just like I was told.  The filter was working properly. I let Mr. Hammer get acclimated to the new tank and the water temperature by floating the bag in the tank for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes I gently scooped out the fish with the special goldfish scooper net and carefully released him into his new home. Jay talked to Mr. hammer the entire time. He introduced him to us all and he made each of us including the dog say hello. He watched his fish swim around and around the tank. After about an hour he got bored and went off to do something else.

Three hours later… YES THREE HOURS… Jay came downstairs to tell me that something was wrong with Mr. Hammer. Sure enough Mr. Hammer was gone. Yup our $4.99 fish lasted  3 hours.

Jay, the boy who made us have a funeral for the eraser fish, was besides himself in grief. Of course he insisted on us having a proper funeral for Mr. Hammer. There are no pictures of this funeral as he asked in respect for Mr. Hammer that none be taken. (I am not kidding.) Through tears Jay talked about how at least for three hours  Mr. Hammer had a good life. He had a tank to himself and was part of a good family that loved him. Then he flushed, he wiped his tears and asked me, “When can we go get Hammer 2?”

Some how I get this feeling that we just might have gotten onto a merry-go-round with this whole fish thing. Around and around and around we go!

5 thoughts on “Another One Bites the Dust

  1. That’s gotta be some kind of record! Do you have any idea what went wrong? As for getting another fish, I’m with Jay on this one. I mean, you already invested in a tank and everything, right?

  2. You know, he’s got it right. He’s a lot like one of my sons. Grieve – and grieve hard – then life will go on. Although I am really sorry you had to go through a three hour funeral for a fish that lived for three hours.
    The only fish allowed in this house (besides Monica the Betta) are goldfish and the minnows we catch at the lake. I’m cheap that way. Besides goldfish are awesome – throw in an ice cube and they love it.

  3. You can take a water sample to the pet store and have them analyze it, and probably get a replacement fish if the water was okay. Fish suck as pets. We have two, and they just won’t die, no matter how dirty their water gets, or how I just toss them in the new, clean water without getting acclimated first. Because let me tell you, once they’re dead, there will be NO MORE FISH. We will have to find some other pet, because I’m not doing the tank thing anymore. Good luck, sister, on this merry-go-round.

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