SnapShot Saturday

Many kids on the Spectrum don’t do very well at Birthday parties. The noise, the unstructured free play time, kids running around everywhere… well it is enough to drive anyone crazy. Jay has gotten better. Most of the time he participates and when he is getting overwhelmed he will tell me he needs some quiet time alone. He will go in a corner and read or play his DS and recharge so to speak. There was a time when I did not get this. A time when I would force him to participate. But one day, during his little sister’s 5th birthday party I saw my son with new eyes… Autism Mommy eyes. He had climbed to the top of the playground equipment and from there he was quietly watching everyone… he was happy. If you don’t believe me just look at the picture below. That is when I realized that if my boy is happy from afar… so be it. After all isn’t what everyone mom wants is for her kid to be happy?

4 thoughts on “SnapShot Saturday

    1. I think it bothers us parents more than it does them! SIGH! I wish I could say that it doesn’t still bother me… but at last I am human and it does.

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