And the WINNER IS….

I feel like the host of the Academy Awards… too bad I am wearing my Pajamas as I type this instead of a fancy gown. Oh sorry… let me stop yapping and get to the part you all really want to know about. The winner is…Karen from the Mommy Times! Karen is the proud winner of a custom Made DreamCatcher Weighted Blanket.  Unfortunately I did not reach my goal of 100 Facebook Fans 🙁    (I hate when I don’t reach my goals. SIGH) I was close but I am only at 93! So no extra Target Card to go with it.

But I am loving this giveaway stuff so don’t fret peeps… I will definitely be doing another some time soon! I would love to be able to do at least one a month so all you product people out there… contact me about reviewing your stuff and giving it away. I know what it feels like to win as I recently won TWO… yes not one but TWO different contest this past month myself! It just makes your whole day… couple days even. So if I can pass along that feeling… then I am happy too!

Karen get in touch with me so I can get your info to pass along to Dream Catcher! Email me at You are going to LOVE the blanket. Jay has slept every day through the night since he has had it! This morning he told me had a Nightmare but he said he was able to fall back to sleep.

And don’t forget… everyone is a winner because DreamCatcher is offering a 15% discount to anyone who liked their Facebook Page. They also do a monthly giveaway themselves. So hurry over to their site and check out all the great products and enter to win their contest too!

Thanks to everyone who entered! CONGRATS KAREN!!!

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