The Dog Whisperer and Stanley!

As if having both children home ALL SUMMER LONG wasn’t enough… we adopted a dog on Friday night! And he is only 10 months old. I know I know I am nuts to get a puppy; my life is crazy enough! But this dog is special. From his Snaggle tooth that always peaks out from his bottom lip to cute pointed ears and BIG brown eyes… he melts your heart. But I admit, he did not win me over right away.

If you have been following my Facebook page then you know that I have been talking about how Grace has wanted a dog for a LONG time. Hubby too. Although I love dogs I was not sold on the idea because we all know who is going to end up taking care of this thing… ME! Jay did not want a dog, he wanted a fish. In fact he made me promise that if we got a dog we would get him a fish.

Finally Grace and her daddy wore me down and I agreed to go looking. I figured if we were going to get a dog summer time would be the best time to do it. The kids would be around to help out and everyone would have a chance to get to know one another.

I also knew that if we were going to get a dog, I wanted to rescue one… give a little guy another chance at a much better life. My family may be crazy but we definitely have a lot of love to offer.

We agreed on a small dog under 20lbs. We have had BIG dogs in the past and although they were great pets… I wanted something smaller… something the kids would feel comfortable handling, meaning they could walk! So we started searching the Lost Dog Rescue website.

Talk about melting your heart. Six pages, each page with about 20 pooches on them, all just waiting for someone to come and make them there forever friend. I wanted them all. Of course I did not tell the others that. I played it cool.

We narrowed it down to Melvin, Benji and Stanley. We arranged to meet them all at an adoption event.

The kids fell in love with Stanley as soon as they saw him. I was a harder sale. That was until I saw him interact with Jay. Yes Jay… my boy who did not want a dog and only wanted a fish. Stanley went right over to him. Jay who usually moves away from dogs let him. The adoption volunteer was talking a mile a minute telling me all about what a great dog Stanley was but honestly all I heard was Yadda Yadda Yadda. I was to busy watching Jay interact with him. Hubby asked to walk Stanley around. He asked him to sit but Stanley was so excited. Jay walked right over to him and raised 1 finger up and said sit and STANLEY SAT DOWN! Who knew my boy was a real life Dog Whisperer! Jay looked at me and said, “I want him… but I still want a fish too!”

And so we have Stanley. It has only been a few days now but you would think he has been our dog forever! This video below will give you an idea as to just how special a dog he is and what an incredible relationship he and Jay already have! It also shows you what a funny guy my Jay is. Pay attention to the part where he tries to trick his sister into believing that Stanley pooped in her room! Oh that boy!

So far it has been a smooth transition. He is almost completely house trained. It has been great. Of course I still have to get the boy his fish. A deal is a deal.


9 thoughts on “The Dog Whisperer and Stanley!

  1. oh! I’m jealous! If it weren’t for dog allergies, we’d have a dog. Amazing that he connected with Jay so quickly. And I love the name – Stanley.
    Congrats on the new addition!

    1. Thanks we were a little worried because my husband is allergic to cats and sensitive to dog fur but Stanley has short hair and not fur so so far no problems!!! He does not shed much either!

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