Weekly WrapUP Sunday

As you all know this week was all about me getting into a Summer Routine. It seems I am not alone. Many of the blogs I read this week were posting articles on the same subjects. Here are a few that stood out and are worth a read.

1.) Holly from Holly’s House (Not a perfect mom’s blog) has a perfect plan on how to survive Summer vacation. I REALLY like her plan. Hint: Involves Alcohol… lots and lots of it! How I’m Going to Survive the Summer

2.)  Cynthia over at CGregoryRun went undercover with a  mission  to bring her insurgents under control as they celebrate the long-lasting celebration known locally as “summer break”.  She is using the “Keep Them Busy” plan. Very cute post. Check out Guerilla Momfare … it will make you smile.

3.) Remember when summer was all about late nights and lazy sleeping in mornings and not about summer camps and lesson after lessons? Remember when all you needed was a stick and imagination to play with? Well Empowering Parents guest blogger Annita Woz remembers that too and actually is going to try it out this summer, in fact she is vowing to do just that! My Summer Vacation Vow- “This Year is Going to Be Different”

4.) Okay I found a new favorite Blog. These ladies are great! So funny and real MOMS too! Their Blog is called Rants From Mommyland but the blog post I am referring you too was one that appeared on the Washington Times and is called Avoiding the pitfalls of summer vacation. Here is one of my favorite quotes from the article (She is referring to her children of course) to give you an idea of how these ladies write. “They eat like Hobbits. Here’s the schedule: breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, lunch, snack, other snack, whining that they’re hungry, dinner, whining that they’re hungry again (but only after I say it’s time for bed). “

And that Folks is a WRAP!

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