Did those words just come out of my mouth?

So after the whole  “Can I just Poop in Peace?” thing I said the other day, I started paying attention to what actually  was coming out of my mouth as I  deal with my children this summer. What I have noticed is that some how I have turned into my mother. YES it has happened. All those crazy things that she would say that made me look at her and scratch my head in confusion… I AM NOW SAYING!

I am not sure when this transformation happened, but some how it has. When I least expect it, my mother’s voice creeps out and yells at my children “Don’t eat the seeds or else a watermelon will grow in your belly!”

In the past week I have actually said things like:

“Am I air conditioning outside?” or “As long as you live under my roof you will do what I say!”

While driving to Taekwando I yelled to the backseat,” From now on nobody is allowed to touch anybody else!” which was followed by “Don’t make me stop this car!” when they touched one another.

I have snapped the ever famous, “WHY? Because I said so, that’s why!” and even threw in there “If I wanted your opinion I would have asked you for it” for good measure.

I have barked at them to ” Come downstairs, now go back up without stomping your feet!”

I have given them the ever popular “You have to the count of three” numerous times, as well as “I don’t care who started it… STOP IT” speech.

We have had our share of DO comments: DO brush your teeth, DO wash your hands, DO close the door. But even more DON’T comments: DON’T talk with your mouth full; DON’T jump on the couch; DON’T leave your wet towel on the ground.

I have asked my share of questions such as “How can you possibly be hungry, you just ate an hour ago?” or  “What part of NO do you not understand?”

I have instilled my wealth of mommy knowledge onto them with factual statements such as ” Too much TV will turn your brain to mush.”

I inspired them with my Confucius like demeanor with ” LIFE IS NOT FAIR!”

But the one statement that totally stopped me in my track, the one that made me realize that I was my mother’s daughter was … ” Your bored? How can you possibly be bored? I was never bored at your age!”

Remember when your mom said to you, “When you have kids of your own, you’ll understand!” well I UNDERSTAND!


5 thoughts on “Did those words just come out of my mouth?

  1. LOL. You sound just like me! However, when I told the kids to not make me pull over the car, I meant it. Jabber Box made me pull over three times in a 45 minute drive, and learned not to ask me how long it was going to take to get there. If she dares to say she is borerd in the summer, she has to do a chore. After a few days of sweeping, emptying trash, scrubbing the toilet, wiping counters, and pulling weeds when she was bored, she learned not to complain about boredom. Try it – you’ll like it! The kids will hate it but the results are worth it!

    1. hmmm. I will have to try this. I told the kids if they want to run around throughout the week then we have to clean on MOndays and they have so nicely entitled this as Moaning Mondays! Sums up how they feel about it! LOL

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