Never too Late for a Father’s Day Message

The following is a special Father’s Day Post by Jay dedicated to his Dad.

My dad is smelly nice! He is silly manlike, crazy good humored and a good pincher hugger. He is very special to me. Just the other day while the girls were camping he took me to a friend’ s  party, to dinner and to see X-Men Firstclass. We went swimming and he tried to drown me I mean hug me! I tried to drown him back, I mean HUG him. He is a world-class dad… of the armchair Olympics!

The END Seriously… Happy Father’s  Day Dad and you too Grandpa!

Happy Father’s Day my darling husband… sorry it wasn’t the perfect day I dreamed of giving you… but if there is one thing we have learned along this crazy journey… there is no such thing as perfect! Sometimes you just got to be happy with okay! So I hope you had an OKAY day!

And to the rest of you dads out there… including my daddy, I hope you too had an OKAY day too!

“Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a dad.” —  Anne Geddes

2 thoughts on “Never too Late for a Father’s Day Message

  1. Jay, my dad was smelly nice and he was a silly, crazy good humored and a good pincher hugger.
    I am very glad that you and your dad had a nice Father’s Day. Thanks for helping me to remember my dad, too!
    This was a great post!

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