I have been doing positive affirmations in the mirror all morning. “I Love the outdoors, I love my daughter, I love sleeping on the floor, I am a HAPPY CAMPER!” and the list goes on. I am hoping this will help, but so far not so much.

I am NOT a Happy Camper right now. What I am is stressed and PMSing!  As I type this my daughter is upstairs crying because she cannot fold up her sleeping bag and Jay is teasing her about her catching poison ivy. The weather report says it is supposed to rain all night and tomorrow too!  And my hubby thinks my mortified face is just absolutely hysterical when he talks about how I  will need to do a Tick and Chigger check at night. What the hell is a Chigger? UGGGHHHH…”I love the outdoors, I love my daughter, I love sleeping on the floor, I AM A HAPPY CAMPER!”

Okay I know I am being dramatic. After all this is an easy Brownie Scout camp out. And for one night mind you. 22 hours to be exact. We will be sleeping in a lodge and not even outside in tents. I also love my troop. The girls are great. And I have two other leaders who actually know what they are doing unlike me who could not identify poison ivy if I wanted to. But still… you need to understand, my idea of roughing it is staying at a Holiday Inn. My idea of camping out would be under an umbrella on a lounge chair with a Cabana Boy handing me a fruity drink with LOTS of alcohol  in it. I don’t even pee in port a potties for Gods Sake!

So this is HUGE for me. Agreeing to go on this Camp out is totally stepping out of my comfort zone. And yes I am complaining but I know deep down it will be a great experience that Grace and I will treasure always. Memories… whether they be good or bad we will always have. Besides, the boys (Jay and Hubby) have a total Guys weekend planned. I think it will consist mostly of sitting around in their underwear scratching… whatever floats your boat!

But until I get to the campsite I will continue to do my positive affirmations that will hopefully sink in. “I love the outdoors, I love my daughter, I love sleeping on the ground, I AM A HAPPY CAMPER!”

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8 thoughts on “I am A HAPPY CAMPER…Or am I?

  1. LOL….. rather you than me! I’d be down the road in the Marriott!!
    Good luck! (I can’t help but snigger – sorry)!

  2. your to much, now i know why mom made you join indian princess instead of girl scoutsm in indian princess the father goes with his daughter. here i thought mom was doing this for me so we could bond. bou you and mom are a pair, love dad

  3. Hee…I got kicked out of the brownies when I was seven…So I can’t help you with chiggers. I don’t know what they are either. I do like camping though…and don’t worry about the porta-potty..I have found that I can “hold it” for days if need be. 🙂

  4. I hope you had a good time! The tick check is more important than the chigger check. Chiggers live in the grass and leave a mosquito looking bite. Clear nail polish will take care of the itching. Ticks are a big problem here this year (even with the few trees we have!).

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