Last Day of School

Well it is here… the long-awaited last day of school. Long awaited by the kids that is… me, well the jury is still out on that one. It is not that I don’t like having my kids around all the summer, on the contrary, I really do like hanging out with them. They are a lot of fun and crack me up. BUT… I also like having ME time and ME time doesn’t come easy when you have kids bugging you all day long. Oh well, I guess I should just be thankful that my kids still want to be in the same room as me! 🙂

Anyhoo… I always take a picture on the last day of school and try to make it look like the one we took on the first day of school. I love seeing how much my babies have grown.  So here they are…

Funny… look how neat and perfect and SCARED they looked on the first day, compared to the laid back on the last day! (Doesn’t get any more laid back then tie dye does it?)  They have grown so much this year and I am not just talking in size… although that as you can see happened to. They outgrew all their summer clothes from last year and Jay went up 2 shoe sizes this year… TWO!

When Gracie started second grade she was barely an independent reader now she reads novels and I have to practically pry them out of her hands at night! She also has improved so much on her writing and spelling and the kid can draw! (The Writing comes from me but the drawing is all her daddy!) She has made some great friends and even more important, she truly understands what BEING a friend is.  At her party all the girls but one were members of her class and knew one another. One little girl , who she is friends with, is the daughter of one of my friends and is in a different class. The little girl from the other class was very shy at first , because well she did not know anyone but Grace. On her own, Grace suggested that the girls play a special get to know you know you game. It worked and they all became BFFs quickly. I was so proud of her!

And my Jay… this year has been incredible. He has always been smart so the fact that he has remained on the all A Honor roll the entire 4th grade  does not surprise me. What has surprised me is how much he has grown socially. I can go on and on but wait… you have read my blogs you know I already have!

Besides… I have water balloons to prepare for our end of school , “Summer or BUST” after school extravaganza. Yup all the neighborhood kids are coming by after school and they will run around and toss water balloons at one another and then we will eat cake! Not only is it FUN… for Jay it is a must. It is a good closure for him. He has had a really hard week. The last week of school is so unstructured, add to that his regular teacher left to have surgery, an award ceremony where he was not recognized (Now that I will save for another blog… today I am staying positive) and the fact that he is anxious because he doesn’t know who his teacher will be next year or who will be in his class…. well the least I can do for the kid is let him blow off some steam by throwing a few water balloons.  Ain’t I a Good MOM?

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4 thoughts on “Last Day of School

  1. Oh, hooray for them! I like the idea of before/after pictures. Someone should take them of the mamas and see what we look like too.

  2. It sounds like they worked really hard this year with amazing results! Congratulations!
    My boys have another week left of school and than it’s party time at my house 🙂
    I hope you all have a great summer! You all deserve it 🙂

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