Weekly Wrap UP Sunday!

This was a crazy week for me and I honestly did not have much time to surf around like I usually do. But there was one very important post that I did read this week that certainly deserves to be featured.

I highly recommend that every parent read this. It is a very different post from Flannery over at Living on the Spectrum: The Connor The Connor ChroniclesChronicles. Usually I read her blog and laugh. This particular post did not make me laugh it made me scared and mad! It is called:Dragons That Aren’t Slain and is all about how her son said hi to a jogger (who was running down there street) who happened to be a registered sex offender!  There is a fine line between teaching our children to be polite and friendly and keeping them from talking to strangers. When you have a special needs child… that line can become even finer. So often our kids are too trusting, innocent and naive. It is scary to think that a pedophile can live down the block from you… but they can. Flannery gives the link to a free website that allows you to put your street name in and it will show you instantly if any registered sex offenders live in your area. I did it. I was shocked to see that there is one living less than a mile away. I live in a very well-respected little community. It just goes to show you that you never really know what a bad guy looks like. Please for the safety of your children… read this post.

On a much lighter note… Grace’s party was WONDERFUL! I have tons of great photos which I am downloading and will share along with some great tips that you can use for your next kid’s party! This coming week I will also be posting my first REVIEW and announcing a very special Giveaway Contest to go along with it that you will not want to miss. So stay tuned! (Still cannot tell you about my special mystery project… just as soon as I know more about what is happening with it I promise I will spill the beans! Thanks for all the positive vibes… keeping them coming! I am really excited about this possible opportunity!)

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  1. Our county does the same thing with notifications and the school will also send e-mail notifications to check the site when they are alerted. You can never be to careful.

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