I’ll Be Back…

So much going on the next few days. I am in the middle of something that could possibly  lead to something BIG!!! More details about that to come later. In the meantime, just send some good luck vibes my way. Besides my “Special Mystery Project” I am preparing for Gracie’s Very Merry UnBirthday Party which will be Saturday. Yes you read right. Her real birthday is in August but the little stinker somehow convinced us that all her friends would be traveling and therefore we should have a small party before school ends. I love throwing parties so it actually did not take much convincing. And we will be away for her real birthday anyway. It is going to be very cool and a relatively cheap party. I spent a total of $100 that includes food, decorations and all the goodies they will take home and they are getting a lot of goodies too. But I need to finish sewing bean bag chairs for American Girl dolls to sit in. (I told you it was a cool party.) I will post pictures along with all the neat homemade things we did for the party on Monday.

Just like Arnold… “I will be back” tomorrow with a SnapShot Saturday photo and then my weekly wrap up on Sunday.

Have a good one everyone and remember… good Luck vibes sent my way!!!


5 thoughts on “I’ll Be Back…

  1. Oh, you big tease. I’m excited to see what you are up to. I will keep my fingers, toes and ovaries crossed for you.

    The party sounds fun. I’m going to be excited to see the party pictures.

    1. Ha ha ha… I would tell now but I don’t want to jinx myself. I am superstitious that way. So as soon as I know something I will gladly spill the beans. Until then thanks for crossing everything but please uncross your ovaries… that sounds painful! LOL

      As for the party… it is going to be soooo cute! I think the girls especially Grace are going to have a blast. I am so proud of how everything is turning out. I was very crafty with this party and almost everything has been handmade which really cut back on cost. And it makes it so much more personal. Promises to post all the pictures on Monday!

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