Gracie Cracks us up!

I am always blogging about Jay! Granted he is the one with Autism… but he is not my only kid. I also have Grace. Grace is a spit fire and definitely has a personality that is all her own! Yesterday I was supposed to go to her Field Day but Jay got sick.  To say I felt guilty is an understatement. It seems things are always coming up and poor Gracie ends up taking a back seat. SO… to help alleviate my guilt,  I decided to do a whole post on Gracie!

Gracie cracks me up. She is always saying and doing funny things. One day I decided to actually write some of these down. So without further ado… here are some of the wild , off the wall, just plain cute things my baby girl has said and done!

Grace was learning to go on the Potty. We had to buy her a Princess Potty and make a HUGE production of her going. One day she grabbed her Brother’s Darth Vader voice changer and sat on the potty.  We all lost it went we heard May the Force Be With You while she was creating a little force herself!!!




Me: (to Grace a t dinner) “Eat your peas.” Grace: “No I don’t like them.” Me: “How do you know when you have not tried them? Now please eat your peas.” Grace: “No, I told you I don’t like Peas.”  Me: (getting mad) “Eat your peas or else you don’t get dessert for a week.” Grace: “Fine, I was planning on going on a diet anyway!”

It was a Brazilian holiday so we were having a lazy day. I came downstairs to see what Grace was doing. She had the entire family room set up like a tattoo parlor complete with hand-made drawings of designs taped to the wall. She was standing there with her pajama top sleeves all rolled up and giving her stuffed lion a pretend tattoo. She looked up at me and said, “If you want one lady, you have to get in line!” I got in line.

More Bathroom Humor. Here is another picture of Gracie on the potty this time with her best pal Brownie watching!

Grace: “Mom have you ever smoked a cigarette?” Me: (thinking I have an opportunity to make a good point) “Yes, I thought it would make me look cool but it didn’t it made me sick and cough and I hated it!Grace: (Shaking her head and totally not getting my point): “You disappoint me mommy! No wonder I have asthma!” And she walks away.


When Grace was in Kindergarten, they were going to have an end of the year party with the theme being the letter P. We were trying to come up with fun P things the kids could do: eat Pizza, Popcorn, Pretzels and Popsicles, Play Pin the Patch on the Pirate and wear Pajamas… and my then 5-year-old said, ” The boys don’t have to dress up at all because they always have a “P” on!” I looked at her with a puzzled look and she says, “Penis mommy. P is for Penis!”

Grace : “Mom why do we have boobies?” Me: “So we can nurse babies.” Grace: “But dad and Jay have boobies and they don’t nurse babies.” LONG PAUSE  Me: “Would you look at the time… its time for story and bed!!!!”


7 thoughts on “Gracie Cracks us up!

  1. sharon, the apple doesn’t fall far from the apple tree. just change the name and it was you!!!
    after all , all we did was wish you should have one loike yourself and G-D did the rest!! enjoy it baby girl!!! dad

  2. She is such a cutie. I love her sense of humor and sense of fashion. You are so lucky to have a little girl to do girly stuff with!

  3. Well did it work??? Feel better?? She is a real special girl and I see great things for the both of you in the future….I mean good things honest 🙂

  4. OMG! What a riot. The tattoo parlor surprised me. Where would she get an idea for that? *lol* I think I would have laughed until I cried with her on a pink potty and a Darth mask. I want a pink potty. I’m jealous.

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