Field Day Frenzy

Field Day… the day that most kids dream about all year-long. An entire day of being outside running around screaming. No math books or computer classes… just a day filled with snow cones, water slides and did I mention, running around screaming. For a kid on the spectrum who is sensitive to noise, who craves structure, who absolutely cannot handle loosing any game… well you would think that it would be a sure set up for disaster. You would think that… but you would be wrong!

Jay was a trooper. He withstood the 92 Degree heat without whining. He waited his turn without complaining. He handled defeat without one single tear. He did AWESOME!!!!

And I was fortunate to have been there to see it all. Check these out.

He hopped with a ball between his legs.



And when the ball dropped… he just bent down and put it back… without even a second thought. 





The other kids were so sweet. They routed him on and helped him out. I had to hold back tears of happiness all day long. I cannot even begin to describe to you how incredible it feels to see other kids treating your baby like that. Like a friend and with respect!





Does it get any better than a snow cone on a hot day?








Wait it does get better… WATER TIME!!!


Of course there were still times when he just needed to chill out on his own!

It was a great day!


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